How to treat dermatomycosis in dogs?

Как лечить дерматомикоз у собак

Dermatomycosis in dogs is called damage to the wool cover, the surface layer of the skin and claws. Most often they suffer from puppies.

This is due to the lack of certain nutrients, immature immunity, viral pathologies. Although stress and the state of immunodeficiency in adult dogs can lead to the development of the disease. In addition, the stimulation of dermatomycosis in dogs can impair the integrity of the skin, increase moisture, parasitic infections.

Как лечить дерматомикоз у собак The breed predisposition to the appearance of dermatomycosis is also noted in Pekingese, German short-haired pointers and Yorkshire terriers. The causative agents of dermatomycosis are spores of dermatophytes. At first about three weeks there passes or takes place the latent period of development of a dermatomycosis. The most characteristic sign of the disease is the appearance on the wool of individual patches of baldness .

In these places, the skin reddens and flakes, thickens and crusts are formed. The skin of the dog can be affected extensively. Although it happens that the dog is an asymptomatic carrier of a fungal infection . To establish an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to examine the wool with the help of ultraviolet light (Wood's lamp).

The affected area will light up with an apple-green color. Also used microscopic examination of broken claws, hair, crusts and growing mushrooms on special cultural media.

Treatment of dermatomycosis

The dog can be cured of itself from dermatomycosis while setting up the work of its immune system. Local therapy with creams and ointments is also used, although it does not always give sufficient effect in dogs. This is due to the presence of wool, which reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Preparations, for example, Nizoral, it is important to apply to diseased tissues, as well as to healthy areas - from the area of ​​baldness even at a distance of 6 cm. With extensive skin lesions, it is necessary to shear and burn the wool. Then the animal is washed with a special antifungal shampoo.

Mandatory and systemic use of immunostimulants (eg, levamisole) and antifungal drugs such as ketoconazole. It is not uncommon in modern veterinary medicine to treat and prevent dermatomycosis using a vaccine, for example, Polivac-TM . This is relevant in areas where such a disease is common, for example in rural areas where cattle often suffer. However, in such matters it is first necessary to consult a veterinarian.


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