Drops of Purity for dogs against ticks and fleas

Капли Чистотел для собак от клещей и блох

Cleaner Maximum - a special drop for dogs, designed to combat lice, fleas, scabies and ixodids. This is a modern product, which is highly effective with excellent safety.

Капли Чистотел для собак от клещей и блох It is available in the form of a solution for external use in pipettes. Its main active substance is fipronil, auxiliary - permethrin. Fipronil disrupts transmission in ectoparasites of nerve impulses, which leads to their paralysis and death. Permethrin disrupts the functioning of the nerve cells of ectoparasites.

Applying it to the skin of a dog from lice and fleas can be relieved for three months, and from ticks for a month. By the degree of impact on the animal's body, the drug is classified as moderately hazardous substances. If it is applied only to the skin, it does not have a toxic and locally irritating effect. But, getting in the eyes, it causes irritation, and is also toxic to bees and fish.

Instructions for the use of drops Purity for dogs

Assign Cystotel drops to puppies no younger than 2 months of age and to adult dogs, both for the treatment of various entomoids, and for the prevention. Droplets are applied using the pipette in which they are sold, on dry, undamaged skin. At the same time, the pipette should be held vertically.

Spreading the dog's hair, the drug should be applied to her skin in places where she can not lick them. Best of all - in the neck, between the shoulder blades or at the base of the skull. The entire preparation from the pipette must be poured onto the skin of the animal. With sarcoptosis for therapeutic purposes, the drug is used not once, but from two to four times with an interval of 7-10 days.

Капли Чистотел для собак от клещей и блох If it is simply necessary to prevent possible infestation, for example, when traveling with a dog to a dacha. It is enough to swallow the drug once a month in the summer or once in three months in winter. Treatment is best carried out in a complex way with the use of pathogenetic, etiotropic and symptomatic drugs.

With ear scabies (otodectosis), drops are instilled into pre-cleaned ear cannula of the dog - 1-3 drops of the drug. This procedure will need to be repeated 3-5 days before the disappearance of clinical signs. You can not use drops to treat pups under 8 weeks of age, as well as for convalescents and sick animals, nursing and pregnant.

If the dog of small breed weighs less than 0.5 kg, before using the drug it is worth consulting with a veterinarian. Also, do not apply the drug to the damaged skin of the animal. When processing several animals, make sure that they do not lick each other until the drops dry. It is better not to allow anyone to pet a dog in the swept places and within 48 hours after treatment and not bathe it during this period.


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