A dog that does not hear

Собака, которая не слышит

Your dog, ignoring the team, sports on the flower bed. And when you, blushing with shame, remove it from trampled pansies and begin to scold, looks at you with clear eyes, as if nothing happened. Do not rush to give it to the awesome trainer. Maybe she just does not hear you ...

Diagnosis of deafness

Собака, которая не слышит Some veterinary clinics offer a quick and painless test, helping to determine if your dog is deaf. Electrodes are connected to the head of the pet - and in a few minutes you already know the answer to your question.

However, the procedure is not cheap. And, perhaps, instead of spending an impressive amount on revealing ailment, you just need to get acquainted with the habits of your dog closer, and then, if necessary, buy her a training tool for the deaf.

The first thing is to understand

Watch. If you came home and you know that the dog is sleeping at this time, loudly call him by name or clap your hands. If the animal did not even bother with the nose, it most likely suffers from deafness. Beforehand, make sure that the dog could not smell your scent. Let your assistant go into another room, so that neither you nor your pet can see him.

Ask him to reproduce a sound that emits a rattling can of coins or a metal pot, bumping against the floor. At the same time, remember that stomping with feet creates air vibrations that the dog will feel. This will prevent you from knowing if she really heard the sounds. Do not try to make the noise "pleasant" - the pet should show a pronounced reaction, even if it is a fright. If it does not scare the ringing, then it simply does not hear it.

If the dog turns his ears or head to where the sound comes from, but does it uncertainly, as if he does not understand where the source of the noise is, maybe he is deaf in one ear or in part. In that case, you can go to the vet. He will examine your pet's ear through the otoscope to make sure that there are no pathologies in its development.

Собака, которая не слышит In some cases, one-sided deafness gives hope: some problems, such as an external ear ugliness or infection, can be eliminated so that the dog begins to hear. But sometimes this is impossible: the dog will remain in the quiet world for the rest of his life. If you can determine for yourself whether your dog is deaf, you can not, test it in the clinic.

A costly test will give an accurate result, which will help you to adjust the methods of dog training and establish a trusting relationship with it. In addition, the clinical test is effective in that when one-sided deafness immediately shows what kind of ear does not hear. It is very difficult to do at home. In addition, you will find out whether your dog can perceive certain frequencies.

Not sound, but vibration

If your dog is still deaf, do not risk his offspring - castrate or sterilize him . And then ... decide if you can take care of a special dog that needs your attention more than a full-fledged dog. If you are ready to take responsibility - learn some rules.

Never leave a deaf dog without a leash and where it can escape. After all, a world that is safe for another dog is hiding many threats for yours. For example, without hearing traffic, the dog will easily fall under the car. The only way to attract the attention of a deaf dog is the vibrating ring, which, if necessary, you need to touch the animal by the shoulder.

To train a pet that does not hear is, of course, more difficult than a healthy one. He will never become a good watchdog. And, if some deaf dogs behave quietly, others bark constantly, and their behavior can only be controlled by gestures.

Dog's "misunderstanding"

Собака, которая не слышит Be careful if your dog remains alone with others, even familiar to her. She is unable to hear their barking or growl, and therefore - to understand the threat. But her brothers will not be up to this matter. They "warn" her with a sound signal - and then attack. In such an alteration came the deaf Boston terrier Jacob, who was bitten by Reba by an American bulldog, so old that she could barely move.

Once the terrier disturbed Reba's dream. She snarled at him, but the dog did not hear a warning - and the Rebbe managed to catch him by surprise. No one could have imagined that the old bulldog would manage to bite the head of the brisk Jacob. However, it could not have been otherwise: if the dog could hear a growl, he would have left danger. Meanwhile, the incident helped the owners of the terrier to understand that he has a congenital ailment.

To give a deaf dog a full life, you will have to have patience and connect the imagination. But remember that the deafness of the dog does not affect his ability to learn and love you without any memory. Is this not enough?


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