What to do if the dog has a snot - the necessary treatment

Что делать, если у собаки сопли - необходимое лечение

Snot in a dog can be a sign of several different diseases. On the nose of the animal you can always determine the state of his health. And the danger can prevent not only its dryness and high temperature, but also the presence of snot.

Note the snot can not only on the discharge from the nose, but also because the dog will often lick his nose, sneeze, try to scratch his front paws.

The causes of snot in dogs

Что делать, если у собаки сопли - необходимое лечение A simple rhinitis or, as it is called, a rhinitis in a dog can arise as a result of normal hypothermia, inhalation of irritating substances for the dog, damage to the mucous membrane of the nose by some object. Even walking in a gassy or dusty place can provoke inflammation of the nasal mucosa and as a result - snot. They can be transparent or greenish, purulent.

In this case, it is better to hold the dog in a warm, well-ventilated place without drafts, give it a warm drink with a drop of honey. A sensitive dog's nose can also instantly respond to harsh chemical smells with allergic snots. In this case, there may be no other symptoms as well as other signs of allergy , such as:

  • Sneezing,
  • Itching,
  • Cough ,
  • Watery eyes,
  • labored breathing.

In addition to chemical odors, allergies can provoke:

  • New food,
  • A new plastic bowl for eating,
  • Insect bites,
  • Dust or mold,
  • Pollen of plants,
  • Even flea collars .

Treatment of snot in dogs, what to do to the owner

Что делать, если у собаки сопли - необходимое лечение It is necessary to determine the cause of the allergy and to exclude it as soon as possible. In addition, the canine nose can get anything, because it constantly sniffs everything, exploring the world. Most often these are plant seeds, grass blades, twigs, dust, fragments of pebbles. In this case, the dog often sneezes and tries to free the nose of excess objects. From the nose flowing transparent snot, possibly with blood, as the nasal mucosa can be damaged. The owner needs to look into the nose of the pet and try to help.

If it does not work, and the dog is clearly suffering - it should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible. To the more rare causes of the appearance of snot are the congenital anatomical defects in the structure of the nasopharynx. For example, such as the wolf mouth, in which a hole is kept between the nasal cavity and the mouth, that the puppy does not allow sucking. An elongated soft palate is characteristic of short-marred breeds of dogs. Because of it, the air does not pass freely and the dog breathes noisily, snores, and snot flows from the nose.

Especially hard for her in the heat and during exercise. This can only be cured by surgery. Another feature of short-haired dogs is the narrowing of the nostrils with inspiration. Because of this, enough air does not pass through the animal has to breathe through the mouth, and snot flow from the nose. This problem can also be corrected by surgical intervention. In addition, snot purulent or mucous may be one of the symptoms of such serious diseases as canine plague, adenovirus or tuberculosis. Such diseases require urgent treatment to the vet.


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