What kind of dog from the movie "Mask"?

Какая порода собаки из фильма

The breed of the dog from the movie "Mask" - Jack Russell Terrier . The film "The Mask" won huge popularity thanks to the uncontrollable humor and almost immediately became the classics of comedy films. His story resembles many stories about superhero films. The lonely and very timid bank clerk Stanley Ipkis is constantly in trouble. But one day he found a magic mask and his gray life instantly ended.

Какая порода собаки из фильма Putting on this mask Stanley in a moment is transformed: it becomes almighty and free, funny and very funny. What the bank clerk is afraid of, simply turns off the Mask. He punishes his enemies, robs banks, and sings and dances and, of course, fights against evil.

The film is rich in special effects, incendiary music, and an excellent cast with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz just decorated it. But there is in the "Mask" another great character - the dog Milo. This is the favorite of the main character and a great fan of cartoons.

He is a small but intelligent and devoted pet, always ready to save his master from the most steep troubles. At first glance, a man who is not versed in the rocks is a ridiculous mongrel. However, it is not. Milo belongs to the breed of hunting dogs - Jack Russell Terrier.

Short description of the dog breed from the movie "Mask"

The Jack Russell was started 200 years ago by the English parish priest John Russell nicknamed Jack. He crossed the dachshund with Parson Russell and Welshkorg. The result was a dog with an elongated, elegant body, a narrow bone in the chest, suitable for normal hunting and with short sturdy legs. This dog was bred for hunting badgers and foxes. Due to its size, it is able to penetrate the hole and drive the beast out of it.

Also scattered are hunting water rats, hares and even deer. And in the house, this dog copes well with mice and rats. Such a useful breed quickly spread across the UK. But recognized as a separate breed, it was only in 2001. This breed has three types of wool:

  1. Rigid,
  2. Smooth,
  3. Intermediate.

Milo from "Mask" refers to the smooth-haired variety. As the film shows, these dogs are not only good at hunting. Out of them came out excellent companions for man. To bring up a jack is necessary, like any terrier - carefully and even strictly. This restless dog is always in search of adventure. This energy needs a lot of walking, so that the dog did not want to hunt at home, spoiling things. It is even better to run with him in the morning, which will be useful for the master.

On a crowded street jack is better to always walk on a leash, so he did not have the opportunity to escape after another object of hunting. This is a clever dog, who will study with pleasure. Unlike other terriers, jacks less bark and capricious, differ more affectionate and calm character. These dogs love to play and jump, they are always charged with energy. It is very easy to take care of them, standard care will be sufficient: bathing once a month and combing during moulting.


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