The most interesting games with the dog

Самые интересные игры с собакой

They say that the dog behaves like a three-year-old almost all his life. She loves to play! And if the owner does not want to participate in her fun, the dog takes offense. Therefore, gnawing things , throwing food or making a need in the wrong place.

Самые интересные игры с собакой The dog you are playing with is happy. She behaves decently and pleases the owner. So - play a game! This will be useful not only for the pet, but for you. Playing with a dog is a great way to relieve the stress that has accumulated during the day, to keep yourself in good physical shape. And yet - it's an opportunity to carelessly frolic yourself.

Playing with the dog - Try to catch up!

  1. Resent the pet.
  2. Start from it to escape. Let him catch up.
  3. Develop speed, change the trajectory of motion.

This fun fun is a great alternative to the usual and already bored jogging. You will train muscles, and at the same time help the animal to throw out the accumulated energy.

At home, he will not have the strength even for minor mischief, damage to things and slippers. Happy and pleasantly tired, the dog will go to sleep. And the more often you change the direction of running, the better the reaction in the dog. I hid myself!

Alexey, manager:

Between our dog Lelik and the daughter of the relationship in the beginning were tense. The dog did not feel affection for the child. She even tried to dominate our eleven-year-old daughter. It was necessary to change something! A familiar trainer advised me to play hide and seek more often for a walk.

The dog had to look for my daughter. When I found I gave him a treat. After a few lessons the daughter herself began to reward Lelik with delicacy. A month has passed. Now the dog and the girl are playing hide and seek without me. The dog of the soul does not cherish in the child. The trainer explained that such a game very much tied the dog to the person she was looking for. Try it!

Agility training

We have already written about this sport more than once - the one in which a man and his dog become one whole, one well-coordinated team. Participating dog should understand the owner with a half-word. So why not use agility training as an exciting and developing game?

Самые интересные игры с собакой Take a walk in training . Let first the pet learn how to execute standard commands. Then you can move on to more complex tricks - passing obstacles. Just do it on grassy plots. Otherwise, the animal can get injured.

To start with, you can use benches in the park as a training base. Way doggie jumps on them on your team and gracefully prohazhivaetsya, and then jumps off. Then try to practice on the playground. There are a lot of obstacles! Just do it during the evening walk, when the kids are no longer there. And be sure to clean up your garbage.

Such exercises will be very useful for a domestic dog. Overcoming obstacles, she will strain those muscles, which she usually relaxes. In addition, such a game develops the animal's trust in a person. Only insure the dog, make sure that it does not fall, did not break from the obstacle, in the excitement of the game did not hit the broken glass with a paw.

Otherwise, the pet can develop a phobia to such training. And for each victory, reward the dog with a tasty morsel. When you want to move to a new level, start training on a special platform for agility. Perhaps together you will be able to win many awards in real sports.

Playing with the dog - Eh, pumping!

Самые интересные игры с собакой On a bicycle, roller skates and on skis it is boring to go for a drive alone. Unfortunately, often we can not find for ourselves a worthy companion, who would support our rhythm. In such a situation, just the right dog will become an ideal company. After all, you start and finish skating when you want to. You do not need to adjust to anyone!

And the dog will be pleased to participate in a full-fledged walk, and then boast to his fellows, what an active and caring owner she has. For such fun use a leash-tape measure. The collar of the dog should be soft. It is important that he does not bite into the neck. If you ride a dog on a bicycle, fix the end of the leash on the steering wheel. Decided to do with a pet skiing? Then fasten the leash on your belt.

Observe the same method when rolling on rollers. The dog will force you to pedal faster and work more actively with ski poles. Just watch your pace. The dog must run ahead. If he starts to lag - stop for a breather. Such fun is suitable only for dogs of large breeds. And you must be sure that the dog obeys you without question. If he has problems with discipline, you and he can not be injured, and in fact a lot of distracting objects will move past the dog.

Obedience from a distance

Tamara, the seller: My Labrador was a real tomboy. Did not obey absolutely! Once on a walk, he ran into the bushes and pulled my son behind him. The kid wound a leash on his arm and could not free himself. The child was scratched. It was necessary to do something! The girlfriend offered to play with the dog in the coach for offense.

This is a special art of obedience from a distance. First, I taught my dog a long time and stubbornly to the main teams. I did not let him down from the leash, but I did not approach him either. For obedience treated, and bad behavior ignored. This was the most difficult stage of our joint studies. It took a lot of patience to go through it.

Самые интересные игры с собакой But over time, I was able to make the dog obey me at a distance of 5 meters, then - at 10. Disobedience must be stopped by a loud command "stand!" During the period of our training, the dog and we finally learned to understand each other. He became obedient, and I realized what it's like to say in a commanding tone.

I think this talent is still useful to me in life. Yet not every day you learn to be a leader. And with the dog does not work otherwise: either become a leader, or fly after him on a leash in the thorn bushes. Now we stand with Marlon a new record: we learn obedience at a distance of 25 m! While the successes are small, but I know that everything will turn out. Wish us luck!

Playing with the dog - Catch!

To play with an abandoned ball or a plate is a favorite activity of each dog. Give your pet pleasure! He will gladly bring the ball and cheer you with his enthusiasm. Only use soft tennis balls and special dishes for dogs - usual shells for frisbee will not work. Sands can hurt people's toys! Have a pleasant and unusual walk


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