How to conduct de-worming of dogs and puppies?

Как провести дегельминтизацию собак и щенков

Every dog and puppy needs regular dehelminthization. It increases the immunity of the animal and protects its body from the "living products" of worms, relieving allergies and other diseases.

How often do you need deworming?

Как провести дегельминтизацию собак и щенков Most often it is recommended to do this 4 times a year. However, these time frames may not be as stringent. It depends on the conditions of keeping the animal and its age. So, an adult and well-bred dog can be wormed less often, and puppies that try to taste everything try to treat more often.

In more frequent treatment from worms , a dog is prone to coprophagy and selection of all sorts of nastiness on the ground. Deworming is mandatory before vaccination. This is done two weeks before the vaccination. Adult animals are vaccinated once a year, but the puppies have their own schedule, which must be clearly synchronized with the deworming plan.

The first swallow is held by the puppy one month before the first vaccination. It is done according to this scheme: a month is given the drug for the first time, after two weeks it is repeated in the same dose in accordance with the weight of the baby and after two weeks the first injection of the vaccine is made.

Further, the anthelmintic preparation is given every time before the vaccination for 14 days. The first dehelminthization is carried out at two or three weeks old.

Preparations used for dehelminthization of dogs

Puppy is better to give special drugs designed specifically for toddlers, for example:

  • Как провести дегельминтизацию собак и щенков Drontal junior,
  • Dirrofen,
  • Milbemax ,
  • Prazitel,
  • Prazitsid.

Although there are universal preparations suitable for puppies and adult animals. Among them:

  • Azinox +,
  • Azinox,
  • Alben C,
  • Dironet,
  • Leopard spot-on,
  • Ivermectin 1%,
  • Dirnet suspension,
  • R-r levamisole 7, 5;
  • Kanikvantel +,
  • Piradek,
  • Panacur granulate,
  • Polypropylene,
  • Prazitsid suspension sweet for dogs,
  • Prazitsid ,
  • Pratel,
  • Fegtal,
  • Triangle,
  • Fegtal-combo,
  • Troncyl +,
  • Cestal + and other drugs.

In any case, the dose of the drug is carefully calculated depending on the weight of the animal. Modern drugs do not imply a hunger diet before degelmentizatsiey. In order to clarify the specific conditions of drug use, you should carefully read the instructions to it. It happens that a dog is found on the street or a pet runs away and comes in a few days.

In such situations, the animal can be severely infected and disposable cleaning may not be enough. Then the drug is given once, and two weeks later, repeated cleaning in the same dose. Pregnant and lactating is better not to have any worming at all. This procedure is carried out two weeks before knitting.


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