How to treat anaplasmosis in dogs?

Как лечить анаплазмоз у собак

Anaplasmosis of dogs (infectious thrombocytopenia) - refers to transmissible diseases. It is caused by bacteria that affect the platelets of the dog responsible for clotting the blood.

Outbreaks of the disease are usually seasonal - in the spring, and then in the fall, that is, coincide with the appearance of ticks and is the result of the bite of this insect.

Symptoms of anaplasmosis in dogs

Как лечить анаплазмоз у собак This disease is difficult to miss.

  1. It is characterized by pronounced anemia, fever, atony of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Mucous membranes can become icteric, lymph nodes increase.
  3. The respiratory system and cardiovascular system deteriorates. As a result, the dog rapidly loses weight, becomes sluggish, does not want to move and is.

The disease goes through three stages. At the first , after a tick bite from one to three weeks, microorganisms are found in red blood cells, platelets or leukocytes. This is the least dangerous stage for life and most dogs recover on their own.

At the second stage, the dog looks healthy, and anaplasma "hides" in the spleen. In this state, the animal can stay for several months or years. Only minor thrombocytopenia (decrease in the number of platelets) can hint at the presence of the disease.

At the third stage, the disease becomes chronic. Most dogs experience abnormal bleeding: from the nose, in the urine, bruises can appear on the skin. To clarify the diagnosis, it is necessary to donate blood for a general analysis , and after PCR analysis, which allows you to identify the DNA anaplasm. The disease is very difficult to distinguish from pyroplasmosis , but treatment shows that if pyroplasmosis does not pass, then the dog more all the same anaplasmosis.

Как лечить анаплазмоз у собак Treatment of anaplasmosis in dogs

First of all, the animal is given an antibiotic doxycycline in tablets every 12 hours. Such therapy is necessary for 14 to 28 days. In severe cases, blood transfusion is performed, as well as the dependence of symptomatic therapy.

Already in the first two days, the condition of the diseased animals is significantly improved. Because the disease is complex, its prevention is necessary. However, there is no vaccine against anaplasmosis. Therefore, the only method of prevention is the active use of repellents - drugs that repel mites from the dog.


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