About the company's products Beafar (Beaphar): collars, spray, shampoo

О продукции компании Беафар (Beaphar): ошейники, спрей, шампунь

Beaphar (Befar) is a well-developed Dutch company that independently produces and sells a number of products for the healthy life of dogs.

It :

  • Antiparasitic agents,
  • Preventive measures,
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements and goodies,
  • Hygienic means,
  • Means for skin care and wool,
  • Scaring means.

Bethar Vitamins for Dogs

О продукции компании Беафар (Beaphar): ошейники, спрей, шампунь The most popular among Beaphar products are vitamins for dog hair . They include vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, E, as well as calcium pantothenate, nicotinamide, L-carnitine. Vitamins prevent untimely hair loss and accelerate the process of seasonal molting .

So they provide healthy fine wool. They are daily in drinking water or in feed. The cost of such vitamins is about 320 rubles.

Dog Collar Beaphar

Also often owners of dogs use a collar, which protects the dog from fleas , ticks and withers. It contains dimpilate (diazinon), which is released from the surface of the tape and is transferred to the coat and skin of the animal and parasites die.

Spray and shampoo Beafar

With fleas, lice and mites helps fight and spray based on natural mango oil. It has a beneficial effect on the skin of the dog, has an antifungal, antibiotic and antiviral effect, reduces itching from bites and improves the appearance of the coat.

The spray should be well shaken and, moving from tail to head, treat the animal, spraying the hair against the coat and bypassing the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genitals of the animal. The price of the spray is 350 rubles for 150 ml.

Shampoo for dogs from fleas BIO Shampoo on natural oils of margose, lavender and citronella, which have insecticidal properties, and in addition also have a beneficial effect on the skin. The cost of shampoo is 380 rubles per 250 ml.

Other products

О продукции компании Беафар (Beaphar): ошейники, спрей, шампунь Beaphar also produces such products as a means of motion sickness (330 rubles for 10 tablets), toothpaste with flavors attractive to the dog (for example, the liver) - 270 rubles per 100 grams, a spray of koltuns with almond oil (400 rubles for 150 ml) .

In the arsenal of the company there is also an anti-stress for dogs "NO STRESS SPOT ON DOG" (1 pipette - 150 rubles), ear lotion "Ear-Cleaner" (300 rubles for 50 ml), liquid from plaque and smell from the mouth (380 Rubles for 250 ml), Spray for repelling dogs "Stop-It" (350 rubles per 100 ml), a tool for training the puppy to the toilet (360 rubles for 50 ml), a protective balm for the pads of the dog's paws (300 rubles for 40 ml) And other products.

Reviews for products for dogs company Beafar

Reference number 1

I once quite by accident bought a drug from ticks company Beaphar and just fell in love. My York has almost no allergy and only this spray had no reaction. Since then, I only use the products of this company. And I take shampoos from her, and vitamins, and drops for the eyes.

Svetlana, Moscow

Reference number 2

For me, the opening of this company has become familiar with the protective balm for paw pads. A unique tool for protecting the dog's paws from an aggressive urban environment: reagents, salt and even hot asphalt in the summer. Now I buy it and lubricate the dog's paws, especially in winter. And there is no irritation on the skin.



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