Why does the dog eat its puppies?

Почему собака съедает своих щенков

Often, the owners of dogs are shocked when a newly born dog begins to eat his puppies. This phenomenon is not frequent, but, nevertheless, happens.

This does not mean that something is wrong with the dog. For such behavior, the dog can have quite logical justifications. It is important to provide for this possibility of behavior from the mother and to try to minimize the damage.

The reasons that the dog eats its puppies

Почему собака съедает своих щенков First of all, the human ethical requirements can not be brought to the animal. His actions are dictated solely by the instincts and laws of nature. Most often their offspring are eaten by inexperienced mothers. They are too nervous, and just in shock from childbirth.

And if something continues to frighten the dog, it can react so inadequately by eating its children. For example, this can happen when the place where the woman with the puppies is located is not sufficiently removed from the prying eyes, where the dog is constantly disturbed. Cannibalism can also be the result of an excessive maternal instinct.

The dog after the delivery eats the placenta and umbilical cord, but "gets carried away" and starts eating a puppy. Also, this behavior is most often seen in breeds derived specifically for dog fights. The greatest possibility of manifestation of cannibalism in a dog during childbirth with the help of caesarean section. Such a woman in childbirth, waking up from anesthesia and finding out where the puppies come from, can behave quite unexpectedly.

Therefore, for such a dog you need to watch around the clock. Also, during labor, the dog loses a lot of blood, that is, fluid and nutrients. And not being able to fill them in another way, she can eat her children. It is not necessary to prevent the puppy from eating the dog, at this moment it can be very aggressive. But you can try to prevent this phenomenon.

How to prevent this phenomenon?

Почему собака съедает своих щенков Since after the birth the animal lost a lot of blood, it is necessary to provide him with unhindered access to water. You can try to give a weak tea with milk. A special dog food is also sold in the postpartum period . It just provides all the nutrients that are so necessary for the woman in childbirth.

After giving birth, the dog is in a stressful state and you need to behave with caution: do not disturb, provide a quiet secluded place, do not touch the puppies, even a bowl of food should be substituted very carefully. Only when the dog will calmly feed and lick its puppies, and the umbilical cord will be well dried, you can stop the round-the-clock monitoring of the woman in labor.


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