How old is it to take a puppy?

Какого возраста лучше брать щенка

When planning to purchase a puppy, one should take his age very seriously. From the fact that when the baby is separated from his mother, his whole life will depend: physical and mental health.

Какого возраста лучше брать щенка Most often the bitch stops feeding the puppies and licking them about the 35th day of their birth. Many mistakenly believe that at this time it is already possible to give the puppy to the new owner. But this is not so. Mom needs a puppy not only to look after him, licking, and feeding. It plays a huge role, both in the upbringing and in the socialization of the future dog among the pack.

The period of primary socialization is the period of the puppy's growth from three to seven weeks. At this time, he develops a typical behavior for dogs:

  • He begins to bite,
  • bark,
  • fight,
  • Learns the language of the body.

Playing with his mother and other babies, he learns to communicate correctly with dogs, regulate the power of the bite, at the right place to cope with poverty, learn the laws of hierarchy and trains natural instincts. Thus, only by the age of two months, the puppy becomes psychologically mature enough to go to a new home. In addition, it is important to take care of the health of the puppy.

Why is it better to buy a puppy 8-10 weeks of age?

The responsible dog breeders decided to start selling puppies only two weeks after they received the first complex vaccination against viral diseases. It is dangerous to buy a puppy not vaccinated. This vaccination is done at the age of two months. In addition, at the age of 45 days the puppy's teeth are pricked and he can already eat quite a variety of foods.

There is another nuance that must be taken into account by the new owner of the dog. It is important for him to clearly understand, for what purpose he gets a puppy. If it is a home favorite for the soul, from which you are not going to receive quality offspring, you can take it from the breeder in two and a half months - after vaccination and two weeks of quarantine.

Какого возраста лучше брать щенка If the plans to raise the future record holder, visit the exhibition with the dog , and therefore - participate in breeding, then get a puppy, older. Then, when its approximate size, prospects and dignity will be more clearly visible.

It should also be borne in mind that puppies of small breeds even grow older before large ones, but at the beginning of their life they feel very unprotected and in maternal care need longer. Such babies should not be purchased earlier than at the age of eight weeks, ideally ten weeks.


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