Instructions for use and reviews on fębtal for dogs

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на фебтал для собак

Fębtal for dogs - tablets for fighting numerous diseases, which are associated with the penetration into the body of parasites - nematodes and cestodes.

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на фебтал для собак These are such diseases as:

  • Toxocarosis,
  • Unnicarious disease,
  • Toxaxariasis,
  • Hydatigeroz,
  • Tsenii doses,
  • Ankylostomiasis,
  • Dipilidiosis.

Composition and action of fębtal for dogs

The composition of the drug includes fenbendazole, which has a wide range of harmful effects on all phases of development of nematodes and cestodes - ribbon and round worms , which parasitize in dogs. This drug in water does not dissolve and is therefore poorly absorbed in the dog's intestines.

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на фебтал для собак Due to this property, it exerts the strongest influence on various helminths. In this case, the medicine does not affect destructively the animal's body. The drug kills both larvae and sexually mature helminths. In this regard, it is assigned to the bitch. This prevents lactogenic or intrauterine infection of the puppies with ankylostomiasis and toxocarosis .

Fegtal on the course of pregnancy is not affected, the mucous membranes are not irritated and readily eaten by animals. Complications and phenomena with proper use of the drug is not observed. The drug should not be given to puppies less than three weeks old, as well as sick and depleted infectious diseases of animals.

Instructions for use Fegtal combo for dogs

Fibtal tablets are given to the dog in the morning feeding, mixing with a small amount of food. Puppies are given one tablet of 3 kg of animal weight once a day for three consecutive days. Adult animals are given once a day one tablet for 1.5 kg of dog weight.

For preventive maintenance in the same doses tablets are given every three months and a couple of weeks before the vaccination of the animal.


The cost of packing tablets Fegtal from three tablets costs about 35 rubles. There is also a Febtal suspension of 7 ml and costing about 50 rubles.

Reviews for Fegtal combo for dogs

Reference number 1

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на фебтал для собак A very good drug, but for its fruitful use it is necessary to calculate the dose correctly. It is better not to look at the eye, but weigh the animal to correctly count the number of tablets. Then the effect will be wonderful. I like to use it for puppies. Very reliable.

Irina, St. Petersburg

Reference number 2

I give Febtal regularly to my dog. First he gave a suspension. But immediately the dog began to flow strongly saliva. I thought it was a side effect or an individual reaction. And it turns out to be a normal reaction when a part of the suspension gets to the dog on the root of the tongue. Well, anyway, we switched to tablets. Now it's all right, we do a prophylaxis every three months.

Leonid, Moscow


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