How to put an enema dog for constipation, poisoning and in other cases?

Как поставить клизму собаке при запоре, отравлении и в других случаях

Sometimes there is a need to put the dog in an enema. This can happen for several reasons. For example, with food poisoning , constipation, blockage of the stomach and intestines, cleansing enemas are put.

Как поставить клизму собаке при запоре, отравлении и в других случаях This enema is better to put pregnant and lactating, as well as exhausted dogs or with a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which are contraindicated in laxatives. For the treatment of inflamed mucous membrane and intestinal dysbacteriosis, curative enemas are made from broths of herbs or medicines.

Still severely ill dogs are given nutritional enemas with the introduction of nutrients through the anus.

How to make a dog an enema at home?

The enema is made with boiled water, cooled to a temperature of 25-30 degrees. If the dog is small, small rubber pears are used. For a medium-height dog, like a spaniel or poodle, pears with a volume of 250-300 grams will do.

Representatives of large breeds of dogs, such as, for example,

  • German Shepherd,
  • Rottweiler,
  • Doberman,

It is better to use a mug of Esmarch, suspended at a height of one meter. Before use, the rubber pear or Esmarch mug tip should be boiled. That the procedure was not painful, the tip is smeared with a neutral cream or vaseline oil.

Как поставить клизму собаке при запоре, отравлении и в других случаях After filling with liquid to remove excess air, you need to squeeze the pear and release some liquid. The pet should be put on its side and put on it muzzle. After this, withdrawing the tail, you need to carefully insert the tip of the pear or mug into the rectum. Then a little water is introduced.

Its volume depends on the weight of the dog. On average, the calculation should be based on a calculation of 1 liter per 20 kg. That is, a tiny dog ​​weighing up to 5 kg or a puppy needs to enter no more than 250 grams of liquid. With a cleansing enema, water does not need to be kept in the intestine. In the treatment - on the contrary, the injected fluid should be kept in the intestine for at least 15 minutes. For this, after its introduction, it is necessary to press the pet's tail and hold its right time.

During this procedure, you need to communicate with the pet in a friendly tone, do not make sudden movements and stroke it. It is important that the dog is not frightened and does not become torn apart, than it can do to itself to do much harm. After enema on a dog, it is better to wear a special diaper for animals, and also periodically take it out to the toilet in the street. This is especially important for a dog that is used to defecating on the street. Forced stool in the house for him will be a strong stress .


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