How many dogs sleep?

Сколько спят собаки

Like all predators, a dog must sleep quite a lot. The average sleep rate in these animals is 12-16 hours per day. However, the duration of sleep of a particular dog in each individual period can be influenced by many different factors.

When do dogs sleep more?

The less problems a dog has and the more monotonous its existence, the more time it will spend in a dream. So, domestic dogs always sleep much more outdoors. After all, they do not need to look for a warm place and food, to protect the territory. And entertainment in the four walls is much less than on the street. Therefore, apartment dogs sleep more from boredom.

Сколько спят собаки The length of sleep affects the size of the dog, and even the breed. So, the larger the dog, the more time it takes to sleep. Especially love to sleep:

Much depends on age. Puppies, like children, need a lot of sleep. With age they sleep less and less. But getting old, the dog starts to sleep again more. Making a dog sleep more can and health. Many diseases lead to drowsiness due to weakness.

When do dogs sleep less?

In active periods of his life the dog is clearly not up to sleep. In the service, on a hike, on a hunt, she can spend many hours in good spirits. However, then, when everything is over, she will fall asleep for a long time, restoring her strength. Some diseases also cause overexcitation, which does not allow the dog to sleep peacefully.

How does the dog sleep?

In fact, not all the time when the dog lies with closed eyes - she is sleeping. Most of the time, she just slumbers, completely controlling the environment, listening to all the sounds. Dogs often wake up.

Also, the dog has a phase of sensitive sleep, when it is also able to control everything around. And occasionally the animal falls into a deep or as it is called - restless sleep. It lasts for several minutes and at this moment the dog can yelp, squeal, move its paws, as if running, growling, rotating eyes under closed eyelids and even jumping.

Still this dream is called paradoxical. Usually occurs from one to three periods of such a dream, between which there are small intervals of restful sleep. The dog lies in various poses: on his stomach, on his side, curled up, on his back. The posture on the back is most often preferred by puppies and still very young dogs. The stage of deep sleep often occurs when the animal lies on its side, stretching its paws.


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