Instructions for use and reviews on prazitsid suspension for dogs and puppies

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на празицид суспензию для собак и щенков

Prasidic suspension is an anthelmintic preparation for dogs and puppies. Its active ingredients are pyrantel pomate and praziquantel. The drug affects all stages of development of banded and round helminths, which parasitize in dogs.

It disrupts intracellular calcium metabolism in helminths, which leads to their death. In the intestines of animals, it is poorly absorbed, which ensures its long-term effect.

Instructions for the use of pesticide suspension for dogs and puppies

It is prescribed with a curative, as well as a prophylactic goal for cestodias and nematodes in puppies, starting at the age of two weeks. And then at the age of two, four, eight and 12 weeks, and then at the age of four, five and six months. In the treatment of worms , if the degree of infection of the puppy is great, then it is necessary to repeat the treatment with the drug after 10 days.

  1. Before you give the medicine to the puppy, you do not need a hunger diet and a laxative .
  2. Puppy small breed enough to give 1ml per 1kg of weight. Puppies of medium and large breeds are best given 1ml of suspension per 2kg of weight.
  3. Before use, the suspension should be shaken well for at least 20-30 seconds. This is a low-toxic drug, and at recommended doses it does not have a teratogenic, embryotoxic and sensitizing effect. There are no complications or side effects.

With individual intolerance of the active substances in some dogs, there is a temporary salivation. It does not require treatment and spontaneously passes. However, the drug should not be given to puppies younger than two weeks of age. Also it is forbidden to use it simultaneously with anthelmintic agents, which include piperazine.


The cost of the bottle Prasicides-suspensions for dogs is about 60 rubles.

Reviews for a pesticide suspension for dogs and puppies

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на празицид суспензию для собак и щенков Reference number 1

We regularly breed Chihuahua and the eternal problem was the first worming of puppies . Many drugs are not allowed to use until two months of age. A number of them in general are very bad for children. But the smallest is so important to be as healthy as possible. For a long time we were looking for a drug until the veterinarian familiar advised the suspension of Prasicides. Now she just helps us out, and our kids always grow great.

Egor, Moscow

Reference number 2

I, probably, at once was lucky. As she took her Labrador from the breeder, she immediately advised me to use Prasicid-suspension for puppies. A year has already passed, my Nona grows well without worms, does not even know what it is. Now it's time to select a drug for adults.

Tamara, St. Petersburg


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