At what age can you feed your puppies?

С какого возраста можно подкармливать щенков

Beginning at the age of one month in the puppy's diet, the proportion of mother's milk gradually decreases. It should be replaced by other food. It gradually replaces mother's milk.

Top dressing should start giving in three to four weeks. Actually, this is what the bitches themselves start to do, regurgitating their food to the puppies. If the litter is large, the puppies can be fed already at the age of 20 days to allow the bitch to get stronger. At this age, puppies are easier to lap semisolid food, and not as liquid as milk.

How correctly to feed puppies?

You can take a little baby kefir, a milk mixture and touch the puppy's mouth to the tip of your finger, he will start licking your finger. A little more mixture can be offered to him in a shallow bowl, and he will continue to lick. Now he will lap everything that is given to him.

It is important to give the puppy at a time only one kind of new food. The puppy should get used to it, and the owner should make sure that this product is well digested. First, additional food is given once a day, a few days - twice a day, later - three.

This lasts up to 5-6 weeks and complete weaning of the baby from the mother. All food for the puppy should have a bitch's milk temperature of about 38 ° C. At week 4, the baby's diet includes raw meat. It is ground twice in a meat grinder, and then this minced meat is rolled into tiny balls. To push food to the puppy in the mouth is not necessary. The second lure of the puppy should be milk.

By 5-6 weeks of age, the baby should have one meat feed per day and 4 dairy meals per day. Sometimes the meat can be replaced with boiled rabbit or poultry meat. Or fish. It is boiled in a pressure cooker until the bones are softened. After 6 weeks, the baby should be given a crunch of crackers and once a week egg yolk.

Puppies of large breeds need calcium with vitamin D and fish oil. And they are given meat twice a day. When the puppy turns eight weeks old, it must be fed all the day after every three hours. Usually the first, third and latest feeds consist of different dairy products.

It can be yogurt, yogurt, ryazhenka, yoghurt without dyes and additives. Also in one of the feeding is introduced boiled croup, in which you can add egg yolk. From cereals to the puppy it is best to cook oats, buckwheat and rice. Perlovka is absolutely contraindicated, from which the baby will have an intestinal disorder. The second and fourth feeds usually consist of meat, as well as broth with boiled croutons or a small amount of biscuits, which are made from bread from coarse flour.


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