How to treat nerve pincers in dogs?

Как лечить защемление нерва у собак

Pinching of a nerve in a dog is a very serious disease, the causes of which can be several. Often it occurs because of local aging of segments of the spine, which is called spondylosis .

In this case, degenerative changes occur in the spine, bone growths - osteophytes - form on it. They press on the nerve roots, which causes severe pain, and sometimes paralysis. This disease is most often age-related, it affects dogs over 6 years old.

Not infrequently its development is promoted by long loading at a supercooling, a radiculitis (often at dachshunds, пекинесов and бассетов), traumas of a backbone, an osteochondrosis, disturbances of a posture and a metabolism. Can affect the hereditary factor. Most often, a sciatic nerve is trapped in the dog. This is called sciatica. Pekingese and dachshunds are especially vulnerable to it.

Symptoms of pinching the nerve in a dog

  1. The main manifestation of this disease is limited mobility in the affected spine. This may be the cervical, lumbar or sciatic. The dog does not want to get up, refuses to walk, especially on stairs and inclined surfaces, and also to jump.
  2. When pinching the sciatic nerve, the dog may limp on the hind leg . The animal clearly falls ill and rises, and when pressed on the back reacts painfully, while the back muscles are very tense.
  3. The curvature of the spine becomes noticeable, paralysis , paresis may occur . With sciatica, a pet with great reluctance allows to unbend and bend limbs, and his stomach is usually very tense.

For the correct diagnosis, the animal must be rushed to the veterinarian.

Treatment of nerve pincers in dogs

Как лечить защемление нерва у собак Treatment of this disease can take place at home. To ease the condition of the dog, she is first given an anesthetic. It can be any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, but specifically designed for dogs. From human drugs (indomethacin, aspirin, orthophene, etc.) in dogs, bleeding and gastric disorders occur.

Dogs are best at this situation to prick Rimadyl , Quadrisol. After this, a course of anti-inflammatory therapy is needed, as well as treatment that ensures the passage through the peripheral nerve endings of the nerve impulse.

It is very important to provide the animal with appropriate care. His couch should not stand in a draft, but in warmth. But not near the battery. Walking should be gentle. It is necessary to avoid jogging, sudden movements and walking on the stairs.


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