How to choose a puppy and accustom to the nickname?

Как выбрать щенка и приучить к кличке

Choosing a puppy - an event that is responsible and serious. It is not easy to approach the current question, since you are acquiring a friend, a new member of the family.

In order not to create any further regrets and torments, it is necessary to follow the rules below for choosing a pet.

How to choose a puppy?

  1. Acquire thoroughbred puppies in the appropriate clubs, farms, societies. Ideal can be considered the acquisition of experienced dog breeders from the brood.
  2. A small pet should be at least a month old, and preferably 45 days.
  3. The advantage should be given to puppies who saw the world in the winter. They have every chance to get stronger by spring, which is important.
  4. He must be frisky.
  5. Have a good appetite and a fat look.
  6. A shiny coat is a sign of health.
  7. Throw something next to the puppies, and you will see how timid they are to the side, and the more daring will approach the smell of the fallen object.
  8. The bite should not have any apparent deviations.
  9. Consider the correct formation of the paws of the animal.
  10. It is important to observe how it stands and moves. It is desirable to take it away from the mother in the morning: for a day the puppy will learn more or less, get used to loneliness, get tired of new experiences and at night calmly fall asleep.

How to teach a puppy to a nickname?

Как выбрать щенка и приучить к кличке The name of the animal should not be long and common. The rule of sonority is a must. It is not recommended to give the dogs the names of their parents, as well as human names. Go to the selection in all seriousness and the pet is not in debt.

Remember: as soon as the puppy has lost the heat of the mother, you are for him the support, communication and educate him, too, to you. If the nickname is matched correctly, then the animal will quickly get used to it.

  • It is necessary to evoke gently and with the same intonation, especially inviting him to feed .
  • Do not forget to encourage and iron for success. Only a day or two and the pet knows his name.

Place: The corner in the house (apartment) for the animal should be chosen in advance. In no case should not create a place on the aisle, in a draft and near the battery. Tableware: For a dog, two bowls (enameled or clay) are needed - one for water, one for food.

A bowl for food should be placed on the stand so that when the pet ate, its head was at the same level with the back. Puppy is growing - stand is enlarged. And of course, do not forget about the toys for the puppy, otherwise shoes, furniture, wallpaper can suffer greatly. Do you really want this?


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