How to play with the dog?

как играть с собакой

Just like children, dogs adore moving games and games for ingenuity. One of the most simple and at the same time very interesting games is "Find an object".

Playing with the dog №1

  1. Take your favorite dog toy , let the dog sniff it.
  2. Distract the dog and hide the toy in any accessible place. Naturally, the dog should not see where you put her favorite property. Give the command: "Alma, look for a toy (a ball, an aport, a wand, etc.)!"
  3. Pretend that you are looking for a toy with a dog.
  4. When she sees and joyfully grasps the object, praise her and treat him with a delicacy .

Each time complicate the task - you can put the toy higher or "bury", for example, in the sand. Every time a dog finds a hidden one, praise it. You do not have to treat every time.

Playing with the dog number 2

Another very interesting game with a dog like your child. These are the most usual "Hide and Seek".

  • Take the dog on the leash and ask your son or daughter to hide. For the first time, the task for searching should not be complicated. You can just go for the nearest tree or around the corner of the house. While the child is hiding, distract the dog.
  • Then, in an agitated voice, give the command: "Alma, look for Petya!"
  • Do not release the dog from the leash, run around the site in search of a hidden child, and when the dog finds it - joyfully and emotionally praise.

Let the child treat the four-legged detective with a delicacy. This is a very fun game, but do not hide more than four times a walk - any game can get bored. Each time you can slightly complicate the task. After a while it will be possible after the command "Seek!" To release the dog from the leash - it will be a bullet rush through the garden in search of your hiding family member.

Playing with the dog №3

как играть с собакой And of course, the most common, but from this no less favorite dog game - "Bring it!".

  1. Buy a ball in the pet store or any other toy. True, the ball is preferable, because it jumps and rolls, unlike other toys. Well, if this ball is also squeaking!
  2. Drop the toy - at first close - and give the command: "Bring the ball!" Or "Aport!".
  3. Almost all the dogs immediately rush to the toy and grab it. Have the dog bring you a ball, then say: "Give it!" And gently take the toy out of the dog's mouth.
  4. If the dog does not want to give the object, try to "change" it for a treat.
  5. Praise the dog and repeat the exercise.

In this game with a dog the main rule is this: a pet should always bring and give you a toy. Usually, if you have a treat in your pocket, this condition is easily met. In the future, the dog will fall in love with this game, which itself will bring you a toy, even if you did not ask for it.



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