Why does the puppy drink a lot of water?

Почеу щенок много пьет воды

The puppy needs to constantly drink water and other liquids (milk, kefir, yogurt, liquid porridge). If he feeds on dry food, then he should always have free access to clean and fresh water.

However, if the animal suddenly began to drink too much, so that it began to catch sight, it should become a worrying sign for the owner, because it can indicate quite serious diseases.

Causes of increased thirst

The reasons that the puppy suddenly began to drink a lot, can be quite innocent.

  1. For example, prolonged heat. All dogs in this period of summer heat or just the heat in the apartment eat little, but drink a lot of water and this is perfectly normal.
  2. Also the thirst is after the salty food or drink by the sea water puppy, and also after intensive training and sports training. A lot of fluid is needed by the nursing bitch for milk production.
  3. Also, more water begins to drink and a bitch with a false pregnancy , which also begins lactation. Nevertheless, a painfully increased thirst (polydipsia) may be a symptom of a serious illness.
  4. For example, it may be due to some kind of kidney disease or the development of diabetes mellitus .

Therefore, if the legitimate causes of increased thirst are not suitable in any way, the puppy should be shown to the veterinarian as soon as possible. This is especially important with regard to the bitch, who has recently undergone estrus. Her increased thirst may be a symptom of a dangerous disease, such as purulent endometritis or a pyometra (accumulation in the uterus of pus) .

Почему щенок много пьет воды What if the puppy drinks a lot of water?

To speed up the process of diagnosing and prescribing treatment, it is worthwhile to prepare for a vet walk. First, clearly assess how much the puppy drinks water during the day, and whether it drinks at night. It is necessary to measure the volume of its water cup.

It is also important to take into account any liquid consumed by puppies in the form of cereals, soups, milk, kefir, and the like. If you have a bitch, it's important to remember the period of the last heat . It is important to remember any changes in the puppy's behavior that have occurred recently. Are there any other symptoms:

It is also important to provide the doctor with information about the medicines that were given to the dog recently. Whether the food was changed or, maybe, was the transfer of the puppy from natural food to dry food. It will not hurt to take with you a sample of the dog's morning urine, as well as feces. All this will speed up the diagnosis of the puppy and treatment.


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