How to properly feed dog breeds?

Как правильно кормить собак служебных пород?

Dogs of service breeds in food are unpretentious. However, this does not mean that the preparation of a diet for your pet, the process of feeding can be treated without due attention.

A strong skeleton, a change of teeth, rapid growth of the puppy are the result of a full and thoughtful food. The lack of minerals and vitamins leads to metabolic, skin and wool disorders, increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and parasites.

Every day, along with food, the body should receive:

  • calcium,
  • phosphorus,
  • sodium,
  • potassium,
  • magnesium,

As well as other substances, for example, iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese, cobalt and all vitamins. The opinion that bones are an ideal product containing these substances is not entirely correct: they are heavily digested and do not contain all the elements in the right concentration.

Although dogs are conservative in their diet and always eagerly eat their favorite foods, it is necessary to make variety in their menus, paying more attention to the quality of food than to quantity. The size of an empty stomach of a puppy is slightly larger than the diameter of a metal ruble, and an adult dog is a man's fist. This visibility should convince the owner of the need to moderately feed his dog.

If she has too little meat on her ribs, then there is no necessary strength, endurance, endurance. But if they feed it too much, it becomes heavy or even fat, and consequently, lazy and sluggish. For the normal growth of your four-legged friend, you should feed several times a day, with more attention given to natural rather than artificial foods.

Puppy up to 5 months fed 3-4 times, a young dog at the age of 6 to 12 months 2-3 times, and only adults are fed once a day and arrange for her weekly unloading day. When a puppy gets into a new environment, he is fed with the food habitual for him. A sharp change in it can lead to digestive disorders and induce indigestion .

Approximate diet of nursing dogs

Как правильно кормить собак служебных пород Approximately 2/3 of the daily diet is meat beef, heart, entrails, liver, tripe. It contains such important elements as protein, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements. 1/3 of food - vegetable products, for example, boiled oats, fodder rice and semolina; The biscuits for dogs, and sometimes the raw egg, supplement food.

Meat should be given in large pieces so that the dog can tear it apart. This she should do about 8 weeks. Tearing the meat trains the body, and above all the jaw. For this purpose tendons, cartilage and veins are especially suitable. It is important to remember that food should not be too soft or liquid, that is, prepare with a lot of water.

The dog, grown on porridge, is unlikely to become a real service. The owner must find a golden mean in the diet. If at a distance of 3 to 5 m from the dog's fur, when you see the false ribs slightly, it means that you feed the animal correctly. In addition, the dog by nature likes peace, not movement.

Therefore after feeding it is necessary to give it a thorough rest for 1-2 hours. A bowl half an hour after feeding should be cleaned and cleaned. Remainder of food. The dog should always have fresh water, and she likes to dine at the same time. Do not feed the animal with the following products:

  • Potatoes,
  • Cabbage,
  • Sweets,
  • Cookies,
  • Chocolate,
  • Fat,
  • Do not pour on cow's milk and do not give the leftovers from the table.


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