How to provide first aid and treat cuts in dogs?

Как оказать первую помощь и лечить порезы у собак

Dogs are very often cut. Especially they suffer paws, for which there are many dangers in the city: broken glass, glands, ice. Therefore, the owner is important to be able to quickly provide the pet with first aid in case of a cut and correctly treat the wound in the future.

First aid for a cut in a dog

  1. The first thing to do is carefully wash the area of ​​the injury with cool water.
  2. If there is a thick coat around the wound, it must be cut or shaved.
  3. It is better to wash the area around the wound with hydrogen peroxide: it will dissolve dirt, stop blood and disinfect.

You can also use furatsilin. After washing the wound, it is necessary to assess the degree of its danger. So, if the wound is not deep and does not exceed two centimeters, it can not be sewn up. If the wound is larger and deeper, it is necessary to contact the surgeon as soon as possible. But if this is not possible, you can help the animal on its own:

  • To pull off the edges of the wound and fix the skin with adhesive plaster, followed by a tight bandage.
  • If there is not a lot of blood, put a swab (a piece of cotton wool wrapped in a bandage), moistened with peroxide, and bandage it.
  • For fixation, tubular bandages can be used. For example, a bandage for a human finger is suitable for a small dog's leg. And if in the "femoral" bandage to cut openings for the paws, then the bandage on the body of a medium-sized dog will fix well.

Treatment of cuts in dogs

Как оказать первую помощь и лечить порезы у собак If the wound in the dog does not strongly cover, it can be washed with chlorhexidine. He is typed into a syringe without a needle and as deeply as possible poured into the wound. This washing is repeated 2-3 times a day until the cut is fully tightened. In the process of healing, the wound and around it should be treated with greenery or hydrogen peroxide.

Too much wounds are better treated with ointments, for example, Iruksol. In a deep fresh wound it is good to lay levomekol . For the treatment of cuts (especially wetting), granular streptomycin can be used.

It is convenient to carry with you and powder plenty of place cut several times a day before healing. You can also use EDIS powder. The cut must be tied up two or three times a day. When the wound is well developed, it is possible to use healing agents such as solcoseryl. It is important to ensure that the dog does not spill the cut, the healing process will be greatly delayed.

For this you can use special collars. To the wound for a walk is not contaminated, you need to put on your foot a "bootlet" from a small sock and a dense plastic bag or a dog shoe. The activity of the dog on a walk is also worth limiting.


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