What are the smallest breeds of dogs in the world?


How many small dogs are there in the world, and how do they differ from large breeds, except for their miniature sizes? This will be discussed in this article, as well as you will get acquainted with our rating of the most popular smallest breeds of dogs. Usually it is customary to make TOP-10, but in our case it turned out to be TOP-18 .

The dog world is so diverse that it sometimes seems incredible that a tiny dog ​​looking out of a handbag and a huge dog of a border guard belong to the same biological species. Each of these poles of the canine planet has its adherents, it is usual for a person to love either small or large dogs.

If earlier large dogs used to be more popular, which helped people perform different jobs, in the modern world, interest in the smallest breeds of dogs is just off scale. Many new miniature breeds appeared, both independent and those that are miniature copies of their "big brothers".

Why do they have the smallest dogs?

A big role in the popularity of miniature breeds was played by fashion. On the covers of fashion magazines flashed stylish girls with dogs in their hands, famous people in the interview mention their tiny favorites. All this acts on the subconscious of people, especially girls and women, who perceive the presence of a dog as part of a successful image.

Although such a crumb is not forbidden to get a business serious man. The second reason is that modern people are surrounded by the blessings of civilization, but they do not have enough live communication, especially with nature. A dog, though small, but still a part of nature. Not everyone can afford a medium-sized dog, and not only because of the fact that the apartment will be cramped for her.

Какие бывают маленькие породы собак People have become more mobile, they love to travel, and everywhere to carry a large dog will not work. A small dog will go with you to the country, and abroad, you can take it with you on a date or in a cafe. In a word, it does not require the owner to change the usual way of life.

Not the last place is the practical reason: small dogs eat less, they need less living space, if necessary they can do without walking, go home to the toilet on the diaper. In a word, keeping them easier than big dogs. But we must remember that all the same - it's not a toy, but a living being that requires the attention and care of the owner.

Usually people are not limited to minimal care. On the contrary, they spend whole states on their miniature pets and even make them the heirs of their wealth. So the chihuahua Frankie received 3 million pounds sterling, lifelong care and real estate in San Diego under the will of her mistress Princess Louise Thompson.

However, along with the dog, two cats inherited the same state.

What are the smallest breeds of dogs better than large?

  1. Light weight . The weight of the dog depends on many important factors of its content. Lightweight dogs eat less, they are easier to control, it will be easy for them to walk a person of any age and physical constitution.
  2. Small growth. This feature has not only aesthetic, but also practical significance.
  3. It's easy to carry a small dog with you in transport in carry bags or carry on your hands.
  4. A small-sized dog can help a person where a large dog can not cope. For example, to get into the hole of a small animal on the hunt. Some small breeds even save their mistresses from the most terrible animals for women - mice and rats.
  5. Love the expression of tenderness Not all big dogs like a familiarity, and not all people will come to mind syusyukatsya with a huge sheepdog. Little dogs love to cuddle, kiss and bask in the hands of the hosts. They will be only happy to show the emotions of the hosts.
  6. In addition, they can be dressed in stylish suits, buy them decorative collars and do with them a lot of nice and pleasant activities that perfectly relieve stress. In the west, small pets even carry a kind of service: they are used for therapeutic purposes to treat depression and stress.
  7. Deprived of fear of heights Dogs of small height are known for their fearlessness, but among the big dogs there are also many brave heroes. But there is something in which small dogs have bypassed their large brethren: they are absolutely not afraid of heights and are ready even to jump with a parachute.
  8. Longer live. Small dogs live longer than large for several years. Usually their life expectancy is about 15 years, and many live longer, like the Yorkshire Terrier Billy from the UK. He was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as a dog survivor, who lived to be 22 years old, which is 154 years old for his human age.

Who gets the little dogs?

Often the outward side of any matter is deceptive, so it happened with the opinion of those people who breed small dogs. At first glance, you might think that these pets prefer spoiled glamorous ladies. But psychologists have made completely different conclusions.

In their opinion, small dogs are raised by self-confident people who do not need protection in the form of a formidable dog; on the contrary, they have enough means and mental strength to surround the tender creature with care and attention.

We bring to your attention the rating of the smallest dogs in the world according to www.dogsecrets.ru:

1. Chihuahua

Чихуахуа - самая маленькая порода собак в мире

The smallest breed of dogs in the world is recognized as chihuahua. The standard growth of these crumbs is 15-23 cm, and the weight varies within 3 kg. But in the selection there are also real miracles, when absolutely toy puppies appear, like the Chihuahua Milli with a record 9.6 cm for the dog and 500 grams for weight. Imagine how you need to carefully communicate with such a small pet, and it is able to absorb food only by small drops.

Care for a small Millie requires a lot of strength from its owners - a couple from Puerto Rico. According to their confession, most of all they are afraid of losing their favorite in the open spaces of the house and yard: after all, the crumbs are difficult to notice immediately because of its size. Despite the small size, most of the chips are aggressive enough to protect themselves from encroachments by people who want to pat them.

Just try to bring your hand closer to this cute face, and she will bite you with pleasure, without even warning you about such an act barking. This is a reliable protection for the contents of women's handbags, which will not allow anyone except the hostess to go to their glamorous means of transportation. Chihuahua are long-haired and short-haired with different colors of wool, which makes them even more colorful.

2. The Brussels Griffin

Порода брюссельский грифон

Less familiar to us is a breed like the Brussels griffin, but at the same time it has not only miniature dimensions, but also a good balanced character with the features of a true aristocrat. Standard representatives of the breed have sizes from 22 to 28 cm, and the permissible weight - up to 4.5 kg. Periodically appear and smaller Brussels griffins with a weight of about 2.5 kg.

This breed is very playful, therefore it is always capable to cheer up the owner with cheerful antics. After playing, the naughty griffin, touchingly curled up and falls asleep in your arms like a cozy kitty. But this idyll is deceptive, at any moment the griffin is ready to play again and play it off. If the dog is educated in time, it will grow obedient and well-bred, causing admiration of passers-by with noble manners and a sense of dignity.

The griffin walks on a leash with the owner with such impressive appearance that all of them have an involuntary respect for the dog and its owner. It is interesting that the Brussels griffins were taken out to fight rats in medieval ports, and then became an indispensable attribute to the fashionable toilets of notable ladies at the courts of European kings.

3. Pomeranian Spitz

Померанский шпиц - одна из самых популярных пород среди маленьких собак

Are you fascinated by a fluffy lump called a Pomeranian Pomeranian? You are not alone, many famous people came to his charm: queens, writers, artists and idols of our time. The height of this dog is not more than 22 cm, but because of the upright undercoat, they seem somewhat larger. The weight of Pomeranian Spitz is not more than 3.5 kg. They will be ideal companions for almost any person.

Spitz are playful and active, they like to frolic, but they can lie down in a soft lump in your arms. Impressive appearance will not leave your way out with the Spitz for a walk unnoticed.

Pomeranian Spitz adjusts for the way of life of the owners: they will lie comfortably on the couch with their own people, with active walkers they will gladly go for walks in any weather. However, these dogs are not just a beautiful toy, they do not trust strangers and will be informed of the appearance of someone else's house in a house with loud barking.

4. Affenpinscher

Аффенпинчер - маленькая собака с незабываемой внешностью

The dog looks like a little monkey. This is not only an outward resemblance, however affenpinchers are very plastic and mobile. And the funny facial expressions of a funny face can laugh as well as the antics of circus monkeys. Growth according to the standard of the breed does not exceed 28 cm, but it is undesirable, less than 20 cm. Dogs weigh from 3 to 4.5 kg.

Little affenpinschers are great optimists, they are always in a good mood, cheerful and cheerful. Communication with them will lift the mood and relieve depression. They know how to laugh and cheer on their faces any man. Affenpinchers are completely devoid of malice and strive in every way to please their master. Perfectly get on like in families with children, and with single people.

In 2013, the 9-year-old affenpincher Banana-Joe became the most beautiful dog in the United States. This title was awarded to him at an international beauty contest, in which 2,700 representatives of 190 different breeds took part.

5. The Papillon

Папильон - собака бабочка

The unusual appearance of these dogs looks like butterflies. Papillons really are like winged beauties, they are the same light and weightless companions of man, and are able to bring him a sense of joy and harmony. Communicate with the papillon, and you will learn what true love is, true friendship and boundless affection and devotion.

The growth of toddlers varies between 20-28 cm, and their weight is from 2.5 to 5 kg. The breed has a cheerful, friendly character, not nervous, with a stable psyche and is very attached to its owner. Papillons are clean, require minimal care and feel fine even in small apartments, if only the owner was nearby and loved them.

6. Yorkshire Terrier - one of the most popular breeds of small dogs

Йорк - одна из самых популярных собак

In the last 10 years, this breed has received increased attention. Yorkshire Terriers are now at the peak of popularity because of their appearance and interesting character. With such a pet you never get bored, it brings a lot of positive emotions to its owners due to an ardent temper and determined character.

These kids with the same courage will rush to the rat and to the big dog. This manifests their hunting instinct. The fighting character of Yorkies is confirmed by a representative of this breed named Smoky. She accompanied her master during the Second World War. This baby became a member of the US reconnaissance aviation regiment. On her account, parachute jumps, 12 sorties, therapeutic work in hospitals with wounded soldiers.

York Smokey received the rank of corporal and 8 military awards. Yorkshire terriers get along with other animals, because by nature they are not jealous and tolerant of competitors for master's love. These are playful friends for children, but they will also please a lonely elderly person, who will be brightened up by leisure. The growth of the standard York is from 17 to 23 cm, and the weight is from 2 to 3.5 kg, but sometimes smaller dogs appear. So the smallest of the registered Yorkshire terriers is Lucy from New Jersey, whose weight is just over 1 kg.

7. That fox terrier

Той фокстерьер - самый маленький из фоксов

If you dream about the fox terrier, but you can not get this dog because of its pronounced hunting instinct and tough nature, then you will definitely like that fox terrier. This little fox is a charm, he has all the good qualities of his bigger brother, but in a relaxed version.

He was given the energy of a hunting breed, that fox terrier is a little hustler, a lump of energy, communicating with which it is simply impossible to remain sad. The growth of these small hunters is from 16 to 25 cm, and the weight is from 1.5 to 3.5 kg.

Of course, they will not be able to hunt with the bear, but they will gladly attack small rodents, saving the house from the unpleasant proximity of rats and mice. That fox terriers are obedient, and they are easy to raise the way you want.

8. Russian Toy Terrier

Русский той терьер - малыш среди собак

Is there blue blood in the dog world? Of course, yes, noble dogs of the Russian breed of that terrier confirm this. Small, gentle creatures with an active life position are bribed with their exquisite manners. They recline on the sofa cushions with a royal look, but sometimes they do not mind and poke, as in them the blood of the terriers-these tireless hunters-still flows.

Therefore, Russian Toy Terriers are not passive beings who are ready to sleep all day, they like walks and active games. They are playful and friendly, quickly establish contact with all members of the host family, regardless of their age. The modest size of the representatives of the breed does not prevent them from behaving confidently and suppress the strength of their spirit even the largest dogs . Growth according to the standard - 18-26 cm, weight - up to 2.5 kg.

9. Japanese Hin

Японский хин - собака с восточным характером

Exclusive decorativeness of this dog is beyond doubt. But for the popularity of the breed it is necessary that the impressive unusual appearance be combined with truly dog-like qualities: loyalty and obedience. In the Japanese quina breeders managed to combine an interesting appearance and an ideal character.

Now this breed is not so popular, but anyone who is looking for a small friend, you need to take a closer look at it. In this small body weighing from 2 to 4 kg and growing from 23 to 25 cm beats a large loving heart. Dogs of this breed are monogamous - they are attached to one master more than to the rest of the family, but are friendly with everyone, so this does not cause problems.

Japanese chinas are suitable as pets even for beginning dog breeders, since it is very easy to find a common language with them. Previously, it was impossible to buy a Japanese chin, since they were considered a sacred gift of the gods. Hina were the mascot of the emperors and the highest Japanese aristocracy, and the sale to strangers of the sacred dog was equated with treason.

10. Maltese

Мальтезе порода собак - белое пушистое чудо

The main decoration of the Maltese lap dog or maltese is a surprisingly beautiful snow-white wool, descending to the floor. Thanks to her, it seems that this little white cloud is moving around your apartment, not the dog. But, despite all the exotic character, this angel has real canine qualities.

Maltese will cheer you up, make you a company on a walk or during a holiday at home. Communication with her will melt the ice in a lonely heart and bring joy to the leisure of a large family. Decorative dog with live and savvy black eyes on a snow-white background of wool, will become an excellent companion dog , on which you can realize your hairdresser talents.

Care for long hair, its careful combing and decoration with hairpins and elastic bands is a very fascinating activity, according to lovers of maltese. If you are not willing to pay proper attention to hair care, then it is better to choose another breed. After all, without regular care, the maltese will lose its charm and will look neglected. Growth Maltese Bolonok from 21 to 26 cm, and weight to 4 kg, and American dog breeders reduced the breed standard to a weight of about 1.8 to 3.2 kg.

11. Chinese Crested Dog

Китайская хохлатая собака

Another bright beauty is the Chinese Crested with an interesting coat. Rather, this dog's hair is only in certain parts of the body: the head, tail and legs, the remaining areas remain bare. Such an impressive appearance and fashion on "naked" makes this dog very popular in the world of glamor.

But do not forget about the unique character of the Chinese crested, who is very accommodative and friendly. Dogs of this breed adore their master and are ready to spend with him 24 hours a day. At home, they follow him like a tail, and whatever the owner of such a dog does, he will always feel the loving look on her. But while Chinese crested are delicate and not intrusive.

They will not rub about your foot ball or jump to exhaustion. They just look at the owner and wait for him to invite them to play or soak up the couch. Chinese crested build friendships with children and other animals. The growth of this miniature breed is from 23 to 35 cm, and weight is from 2 to 6 kg.

12. That Poodle

Той пудель - самый миниатюрный из своих собратьев

A smaller version of the poodle is the poodle, which is exactly like its larger counterparts, formerly the bodyguards of kings, but differ from them in toy sizes. Its height is 25-28 cm, and the weight varies within 2-3 kg. But the reduction in size did not affect the intellect.

These are incredibly smart dogs that surprise owners with their abilities. That poodle can learn a lot of commands, including learning different circus tricks, for example, jumping through a ring or performing a dance on the hind legs. In short, in communication with the poodle, you can always draw a great mood and ideas for training.

For a child they will become wonderful friends and develop interest and love in dogs for them, for the elderly they will be fine pupils who understand them from a half-word. In a company with that poodle is always fun and interesting. Their curly fur does not shed, but it should be regularly combed and haircutted . Especially irresistible is the poodle, trimmed under the "lion", the tiny dimensions combined with the appearance of the king of beasts make an indelible impression on everyone.

13. Rabbit Dachshund

Кроличья такса - самая маленькая из такс

An interesting breed is the rabbit dachshund, which was displayed for hunting rabbits. Breeders tried to reduce the size of the usual dachshund, so that she could easily climb through the holes for rabbits. The result was impressive: the growth of the rabbit dachshund is only 12-16 cm, and the weight is 2-3 kg.

However, soon the interest of hunters to the baby dachshunds was gone, but they were interested in lovers of small dogs. Now these funny animals have become excellent companions for active people. Despite the small size, the dachshund is unlikely to want to spend all his life lying on the couch. She needs to frolic, run around in nature, play active games. Rabbit dachshunds love children, are friendly with other dogs and are positive if they are surrounded by attention and affection.

14. Pekingese

Пекинес - китайская порода собак

Look closely at Pekingese. Does he remind you of anyone? About half of people will say that Pekingese is like a lion, and the other half will say that this is a real monkey. The Chinese legend explains everything simply: this appearance came from a Pekingese from ancestors: a lion and a monkey, but breeders adhere to other views.

They know for sure that Pekingese is a real dog, but only small: its growth is only 15-25 cm, and weight 3-5.5 kg. But the habits of the Pekingese do indeed resemble the royal ones, although they did not come from the king of beasts, but from a long affiliation with the Chinese emperors. Now these inhabitants of the Celestial can be found in an ordinary apartment, but some arrogance and arrogance in them is preserved.

They do not tolerate familiarity from strangers, and they do not like the immediacy of young children. Pekingese is not one of those who can be dragged with a ponytail by the tail or unceremoniously grab to cuddle. Regal Pekingese will immediately rebuff such behavior, they are not averse to playing pranks and playing, but only when they themselves want to.

15. Bichon Frize

Бишон фризе - белый пушистый добряк

A single glance at Bichon's lovely appearance Frize is enough to understand that in front of you the very charm. His attractive face and glows with zodor and vitality. This fluffy animal with great gullible eyes will forever win your heart if you become his friend. He, in turn, is ready to be friends with everyone: with children, with adults and elderly people.

Bichon Frize feels good in large families and in the company of a lonely person. This good-natured doggie adapts to any situation, the main thing is that he is loved and paid attention to him. If he was brought in as a toy, and then forgotten that he is a living being in need of caress and care, he will begin to experience and ache. Remember that Bichon Frize is sensitive, sociable and emotional, so often pay attention to him.

The growth of this baby is only 23 to 30 cm, and the weight is 2.5 to 5.5 kg, but his heart is contrary to all the laws of anatomy of a much larger size. In the Middle Ages, Bichon Frize was very popular in the aristocratic circles of Italy, France and Spain. They were sheared "under the lion", poured perfume and decorated with jewels. But by the beginning of the 20th century they left the palace chambers for the people and became the companions of organ-grinders and circus performers.

16. Australian silky terrier

Австралийский шелковистый терьер

When looking at silky terriers, it is impossible to ignore their hair, which is the main ornament of the exterior of the breed. But this soft dog has many other advantages, for example, a comfortable, flexible character. She does not have arrogance or spite, she knows how to make friends with all the households and other animals.

The upbringing and goodwill of the dog makes her a pleasant companion, with whom it is good to go for a walk or to spend time at home. Representatives of this breed have the enthusiasm and energy inherent in all terriers . Therefore, they need to move and play in the fresh air. The growth of silky terriers from 20 to 26 cm, weight - 3,5-4,5 kg.

17. West Highland White Terrier

Вест хайленд уайт терьер

One of the most popular dogs in the world due to a combination of interesting appearance, cheerful disposition and ingenuity. White little dogs with sharp ears and cunning expression muzzles always look as if they are ready to go to a meeting with fun adventures or think about some kind of prank.

The size of these small white terriers is 23-30 cm, and the weight does not exceed 10 kg. It is believed that this is the most affectionate of all terriers, but at the same time they are most jealous of their master. Do not fit as friends for young children, because dogs do not tolerate their antics and will not allow themselves to be squeezed and offended. Wise, but somewhat obstinate in learning. Description of breed West Highland White Terrier read here .

They like to frolic in the fresh air and dig underground passages in search of moles and rodents. In general, this is not a white angel, but a real English gentleman with his uneasy character.

18. Shih Tzu - one of the most expensive breeds among small dogs

Ши-тцу - очаровательная порода мелких собак

One of the most proud and regal representatives of the smallest dogs, endowed with the sacred wisdom of Tibet. For a long time, shih-Tzu remained unknown to the world because the right to own them belonged exclusively to the Chinese emperors. Perhaps, therefore, these fluffy beauties are so graceful and somewhat arrogant.

But if you decide to start a shih-tzu, then do not worry about her character. They are sociable, cheerful dogs that are true to their master and are very emotional in the manifestations of their dog love and affection. The only difficulty is that they can behave arrogantly towards the rest of the family and other animals. The growth of this Tibetan wise dog should not be more than 28 cm. Erase the description and photos of the Shih Tzu breed on this page.


  1. Pavilion in general is simply a miracle! I was just thinking about choosing a dog, and here's a great option! Not big, friendly ... And the main thing is NOT NERVOUS. This is a very big plus, since dogs like the chihuahua are very twisted and tremble all the time. In general, the PAVILION is not whimsical and is ideal for busy people! 💕💕💕


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