How to teach the puppy to the team Fu?

Как обучить щенка команде "Фу""

Any dog ​​is better to train, being still a puppy, because at this age it is more susceptible to commands. From the first day, once you have purchased a puppy, you should immediately take up his education.

However, if you do not give proper attention to your pet, then it can acquire a lot of bad habits, and in the future such habits are practically not corrected. Consider the prohibiting team "Fu!".

Education puppy requires ingenuity, especially in the case of breeds with an independent and careful disposition (for example, popular nowadays Husky). Particularly there are difficulties in training during the work of the prohibitive teams - even the slightest violence or punishment incomprehensible to the dog immediately rolls all the work to zero. The dog can stop coming, with caution to carry out already worked out commands or at all to be closed and to bend a line: "I understand nothing, the owner - the madman".

Situations when the puppy needs to give the command Fu

  1. Suppose your four-legged friend is dissatisfied with something and barked loudly in the apartment. At first, while your pet is small, it may look like a sweet prank, but with age, his voice will grow stronger and it is unlikely that neighbors will like it, and a dog can bark for hours. Therefore, as soon as the puppy bows it is necessary to give the command "Fu!", It is possible with a slap newspaper.
  2. Or imagine that you come to your home, and your pet meets already from the threshold and immediately with all four paws simultaneously jumps on you, with what the dog is already aged and in addition to a large breed. Agree, this is not a pleasant thing. Thus, from such cases the pet should be weaned at the puppy age, using the command "Fu!".

Principles of puppy team training Fu

Как научить собаку команде "Фу!" While walking with a puppy, try to observe more of it, because at this age dogs are very fond of picking up everything that lies badly from the ground. For example: sharp bones, or other food waste, which can cause the animal to die. Therefore, once you notice that he picked something up, immediately prohibit him and do not forget to use the command "Fu!".

However, if you first used such a command and then forgot, your pet might not understand how to proceed from now on. In many dogs, teeth begin to change from 3 months and this is where serious control is needed. Since the puppy will gnaw everything, from clothing to furniture. Therefore, as soon as the four-legged friend starts to gnaw something, you should immediately say "Fu!" With a slap.

Try to provide the puppy with the necessary toys , which he can gnaw with complete impunity. With age, the dog will become a habit, and will begin to gnaw only what you give to it. If outsiders or familiar people approach the puppy, the pet should treat them without anger and fear, showing only calmness.

Prohibit the dog from running up to strangers or running after children, using a prohibiting team using a stick. Remember that teaching the puppy to the teams should be extremely cautious, without applying strong physical influences, because if you frighten him or cause physical pain, the dog may develop fear and disinterest in training.

How to teach the team "Fu" - so important and necessary, especially in the city - a dog with a complex character?

There is a method that takes time, but it works with any dog. Perhaps it looks a little strange, but for some breeds it is almost the only possible option. During the training of the puppy, it is necessary to act step by step. You will have two hands involved, so first it is better to rehearse in order to work out the coordination - the beginners usually do not get off quite smoothly.

1. The owner takes a small piece of dainty in his hand (it is convenient to use the liver cut into thin strips, the puppy can easily bite it a little). Standing in front of the puppy, bring your hand to your chin (or neck) with delicacy.

2. In a coarse, low voice, but not loudly, say "FU!" And lower your hand with a treat (stop it somewhere 5-10 cm from the dog's nose). The dog tries to take a treat - push it with his free hand, repeating the rough "Fu". Push not strongly, but surely, do not hit, do not push it away, but just persistently push the snout. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times from the beginning (chin-fu-suggested delicacy-pushed).

3. In a high, thin voice, squeal to the dog "Eat!" (All complexes are off, it is necessary to squeak) and offer the dog a treat , stopping it for 5-10 cm, as before. The dog, most likely, will be weakened - before you pushed it. Repeat "Eat!", But do not put a snack on the dog - let it take it.

Repeating these steps for several days, you clearly teach the dog to take the command "eat" and wait for the command "fu". Gradually remove the squeak and leave only "Fu" - and the dog will stop taking what the team is referring to.

How to teach the puppy to the team "Fu!": 2 options

In parallel with this study, when training a puppy, it is necessary to do all the same, but in two more variants:

  1. Placing a treat on the edge of the table (preferably in the places where the dog steals, if it has such a habit);
  2. Dropping a delicacy on the floor with the team "fu!" And the subsequent urge of the dog (so that during the approach the dog had to pass by the dropped delicacy).

The next stage of the puppy's education is the transfer of the whole action to the street. For these purposes, a loaf of bread, moistened with butter or something delicious and aromatic, is a good choice as a treat. Walking with a dog, discreetly "drop" the hump and then "find" it (that is, call the dog and show, they say, look what you found, but say your low "fu!").

And now - comment-explanation to the method. Why bass and squeak? The dog does not hear and understands your words, it pays attention only to the height of the voice. They say low - you can not, high - you can. What are the features of this technique? In it, "fu!" - this is not impossible, it's "wait". The dog is given to understand that the delicacy is yours, it will get to you, but a little later, you just have to wait. That's why there should be no competition in studying the "fu" team.

If there are other dogs in the house, remove them from the room. Do not take away your hand with a delicacy, do not pull it away (this will awaken the instinct of prey), namely, push the dog away. This method is one of the most effective. It allows you to teach the dog the team fu without the use of violence.

In addition, there are dogs (and such a large percentage among the husky), which easily eat lemons, chili peppers and even chew packs with "antigas". Therefore, it is difficult to teach the "fu" team with traditional methods.


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