Electroshocker against dogs - reliable deterrent of aggressive animals

Электрошокер от собак

The electric shock is a weapon to protect against feral dogs. The task of such a repeller is to frighten an animal. Most dogs are frightened by only one cod of a high voltage discharge and the odor of ozone that arises from the discharge.

Now there are three classes of electric shockers, for carrying and using which special permission is not required.

Types of electric shocks from dogs

  • The "weakest" instruments of the 3rd class have a power of 0.3-1 W,
  • Average - 1-2 W,
  • The most powerful are instruments with a rating of 2-3 watts.

The more powerful the device, the more expensive and, as a rule, larger than low-power devices. As for the construction of the electric shock, the preference should be given to devices with long electrodes. It is important that the arresters are closer to the skin, so that the device can develop a greater damaging ability. This is especially true during protection from long-haired dogs.

Only in this way from the electric shock of dogs will be a real benefit when meeting with a variety of animals. It is also important that the electric shock is always at hand, and not in a bag or other place where it can not be quickly got and used. There are electric shocks and drawbacks. For example, if the dog is very aggressive , it can not be afraid of electric shock and attack.

And then the person needs to be ready to react correctly with direct contact. This will require good concentration, great endurance, physical training and even the practice of using such weapons against a dog. In addition, if the street is raining or very damp, then you can not count on an electric shock.


Отзывы на электрошокеры от собак Electroshock against dogs can be bought at a price of 600 to 1600 rubles.

Reviews of electric shock against dogs

Reference number 1

I use an electric shock. Very well helps from the aggressive-minded mongrels. In this case, my Labrador does not react, which is very convenient. However, I noticed that just crackling the shocker does not work on absolutely all dogs. Especially if they are calm.

Alexey, St. Petersburg

Reference number 2

For me, a shocker is a completely irreplaceable thing. I have such a situation in the yard that I do not go out even for a short walk. Shasta whole packs of hungry mongrels , and some owners evenings let their dogs from the yards "walk." I was attacked a week ago by a healthy male, who is unleashed for the night.

He went behind his back, it's good that I managed to get the shocker and scare the dog at a distance of 20 meters. So his heels just sparkled! So I first used an electric shocker, and I really liked its effect, I was clearly convinced of its effectiveness.

Ivan, Moscow


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