Which dog is better for fishing? The most suitable breeds

Собака для рыбалки

A dog is always happy to accompany his beloved owner everywhere, especially if it is a walk in nature.

Not only the hunter, but also the fisherman pleasantly and calmly, when a pet rests nearby. However, not every dog ​​can behave properly in fishing. Some fuss, run, bark, uncontrollably go into the water, scouring the fish.

In addition, the dog's mast on the shore is dangerous and for the dog itself, which can step on the hooks or become entangled in the line. In a boat, an ill-bred dog in general becomes dangerous to humans, for example, it can claw its rubber boat with claws.

Of dangerous on fishing breeds, you can safely be called even bold hunters, such as taxes or spaniels. When fishing, where silence and accuracy are needed, these too-living dogs are not only not helpers, but they can become pests.

The best breeds of dogs for fishing

And yet there are breeds of dogs that are most suitable for accompanying their master so such an exciting hobby as fishing. Moreover, such a dog can be not just an accompanying "person", but also an indispensable assistant.

Собака на рыбалке

For example, she can get out of the water stunned and caught fish and bring it to the owner. For such "work" in river conditions representatives of such hunting breeds as:

These dogs have a unique waterproof coat and fine swimmers. They can stay afloat for a long time, they do not disdain the smell of raw fish. And despite their size, they are very mobile and agile, well managed with a large fish.

Also, representatives of these breeds do not behave disgracefully in the boat and behave calmly on the shore. Capable and guard the master.

In addition, the dog should additionally teach the rules of conduct on fishing. For example, in coastal fishing, the dog should sit at least three meters from the casting of the fishing rod, so that the dog is not seriously injured . If fishing is supposed for a few days, it will not be superfluous to have a guard dog, which will stay at the tent to look after the owner's things. And at night, she will react to the approach of strangers and animals. As security guards, you can safely take the dogs of such breeds as:

  1. German Shepherd,
  2. East European Shepherd,
  3. Rotweller.

The dog, which the fisherman takes as assistants, must be balanced, calm and trained elementary commands: "Place", "Sitting", "Fu".


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