Why does the dog eat the land and what should the owner do in such a situation?

Собака постоянно ест землю

Some owners of dogs believe that if an animal eats the ground from flower pots or flower beds, then it lacks any substances and does not interfere with such behavior.

However, while the dog can pick up various helminthiases from the soil. In addition, the reasons for eating soil can be not only physiological, but also psychological. Encouraging such behavior, you can start these problems, and they should be solved.

This behavior of the dog has even a scientific name - pikatsizm. This is the name of the perverted appetite, which is expressed in the desire to eat inedible objects and substances.

Causes of perverted appetite in dogs

  • Puppy can taste everything on taste (including land) simply from research curiosity. It can quickly be satisfied without any consequences.
  • Moreover, in this way a puppy or a young dog can attract the attention of the host.
  • However, eating the ground can also talk about the psychological discomfort of the animal, for example, depression .
  • Another group of reasons are physiological factors. For example, the lack of important micronutrients in the body of the dog, such as carbon or calcium.

Что делать, если собака постоянно ест землю

Most often this applies to adult dogs that are taught nothing on earth to eat. Therefore, this behavior, manifested suddenly, should lead to certain thoughts.

What to do?

  • If the ground is eaten by a small puppy, this is the reason for starting to teach him a very important team: "Fu."
  • Hardly having seen that the kid shows interest to soil it is necessary sharply, but not strongly to pull the leash and it is menacing to say: "Fu" or "It is impossible".
  • At the same time with yourself you need to have some goodies to encourage the baby for correct behavior.
  • Every time as soon as the dog obeyed and ceased to be interested in the land, it should be encouraged by delicacy.
  • Then she will learn that everything tasty is either in the owner's hand, or in her home bowl, and nowhere else. If there is a suspicion that the eating of land by a dog is associated with depression, it is necessary to carefully study the living conditions of the animal: have some stress factors appeared recently.

For example, this may be due to the appearance of a new tenant in the house, including the child, the change in the habitual position of the dog's place, etc. If an adult dog suddenly starts to eat the ground, you also need to carefully study the ration of the animal.

If it eats natural food, then it is worth considering the addition of professional vitamins and trace elements or introduce a beef scar into the diet. You can also do the old-fashioned way: put a dog bowl on a piece of charcoal and chalk.

When there is a need, the animal will gnaw them. If all this does not help, you need to contact an experienced veterinarian. Perhaps the animal has a violation of the intestinal microflora.


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