Why does the puppy have a dry and warm nose?

Сухой нос у собаки или щенка

Everyone is used to the fact that a dog's dry nose is evidence of her illness. In a sense, this is true, although it is not an absolute truth.

Nevertheless, it is important to take into account this symptom in the diagnosis of various diseases.

Causes of dry nose in puppy

One of the most common causes of dry hot nose in a puppy is an allergy . Often, it can occur on poor-quality plastic, for example, from which toys of a small pet or its bowls for food and water are made.

An allergic reaction can also occur on plant pollen, dust, chemicals (for example, detergents). Also in some breeds (more often decorative) there is an allergic reaction to some food products. A dry nose can also signal a cold in a dog . And then she may have other symptoms, such as:

  • Runny nose,
  • Sneezing,
  • hoarseness,
  • cough.

In addition, the nose can dry up when it is injured. Then on it you can notice swelling, swelling, scab, or sores. Even a dog can have such an autoimmune skin disease as pemphigus.

Что делать, если у щенка сухой нос It appears usually on the dog's nose in the form of blisters . Over time, they burst, and in their place a crust is formed, which prevents the animal from breathing freely.

What if the puppy has a dry nose?

  1. Noticing this symptom, it is necessary to replace plastic bowls on stainless steel dishes, and toys to better quality.
  2. During the flowering of the puppy's plants, it is better to walk away from them, in a ventilated open space.
  3. Wash dog bowls better without detergents.
  4. If there is a suspicion that an animal is allergic to a food product, it is better to contact a veterinarian for help.
  5. If the dog also exhibits other symptoms of a cold, its condition can be alleviated, the tip of the nose lubricating with calendula ointment.
  6. If it also increases the body temperature of the animal, then it is necessary to contact the veterinarian, as in case of suspicion of the disease with pemphigus or in case of trauma .

In some cases, a dog's dry nose is normal

Before, to panic about the dry nose of a pet, it is worthwhile to find out in what situations this is perfectly normal phenomenon. For example, a dry and hot nose in a dog becomes during sleep, from overwork (for example, after running for a walk), during nervous excitement or stress.

For example, a puppy can frighten a meeting with an aggressive adult dog. The weather also affects the condition of the nose and it becomes dry both in a very hot climate and in severe cold. During the heat, the dog should be given enough drink, and the nose after the walk lubricate with aloe juice. After walking in cold weather, the dog's nose is wiped with warm water.


  1. Thank you so much! At first I was frightened greatly, but the article calmed down ...


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