Breeds of dogs that love children


Ask your child what gift he is waiting for on his birthday. Do you already know perfectly? Of course, because your baby has repeatedly asked him to give him a dog.

And if you finally decided to realize his dream - to get a pet, think on which particular breed you need to choose. It is unlikely that your baby is interested in the exhibition "career" of the new shaggy friend, but no parents will refuse to bring the faithful "nanny" to the house. So, the magnificent seven of the seven "family" breeds! These are breeds of dogs that love children.

Golden or Golden Retriever

A popular option for active and addicted sports. It seems that the Labrador Retriever fountains with energy. In addition, he gets on very well with children and has well-developed defensive instincts.

Despite the fact that the breed was intended for hunting birds, these dogs have long become favorites - children of different ages, adults and even older people. A devotee, clever and good-natured, a labrador can be overly active if he does not get enough physical exertion. In addition, please note that a large fluffy dog ​​will need special care.

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Collie and Scottish Shepherd

Both breeds are very calm, affectionate and tolerant of children. These dogs will not growl even at a tomboy who is too zealous for their ear, or for the baby who took away their favorite toy. Just think of the legendary Lassie! For many children and their parents, this dog is still the standard of courage and devotion.



Believe it or not, but this curly, handsome man is very intelligent and has a bright temperament. In addition, you will be able to choose a dog of this size, so that in your home with its appearance is not crowded. It's easy to take care of a poodle. He eats a little, requires only two haircuts a year, after which it still looks wonderful. Intelligent and friendly, the poodle yearns for the owners, who leave him alone for a long time. But when he sees them again, he rejoices like a carefree puppy.

The greatest happiness for a poodle is to frolic with those he loves.

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A very active dog that perfectly fits into the most dynamic schedule. A cute beagle, however, will require the owners long walks and even runs. Hunters by nature, beagles will be happy to participate in the real persecution of the beast or bring the beloved game to the beloved master.

However, on the home couch they do not seem to be gambling or aggressive at all - they gladly put their heads in front of the children's hands and whimper quietly with delight when they receive their "portion" of affection.

It is important to take into account that bigwigs are stubborn, but they are well trained by an experienced coach.

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Cairn Terrier

Small in size, these dogs are ready to support any game that your child will offer. And how much the baby would not have energy - your pet is not less. Therefore, children will wake up and fall asleep with the "mustachioed nanny" kern-terrier.

Bichon Frize

This snow-white and fluffy "ball", cheerful and carefree, faithful and obedient dog, which, despite its size and toy look, if necessary, bravely will rush to protect the owners.

Bichon Frize is extremely curious - as do his little friends, but natural wit will not allow him to put children where they can be threatened.

A non-native dog

To give a child a friend, it is not necessary to understand the pedigrees and standards. Bring the "nobleman" into the house - and he will become for you and your children the most faithful friend. Amazingly intelligent and hardy, mongrel dogs will take care of your family, like graduated nannies. In addition, having chosen an animal in a shelter or finding it on the street, you will save a living being from frost, hunger and dangers of a wandering life. And this is an excellent example for your children.

In anticipation of a fluffy miracle

You finally decided on the breed. Do not rush to bring the dog home - prepare the child for an acquaintance with a new friend. Walk with the baby around your area. If he is already big enough to care for the pet, discuss with him his duties. Walking, playing, feeding, caring for the hair - tell the child about everything that he has to master.

On the way back, go to the pet store and buy everything necessary to care for the dog: bowls, feed, shampoo, vitamins, a couple of toys, a collar and a leash. Together with the child, think about how you will equip a puppy for a sleeping place. Find out where the nearest to your home veterinary clinic and pharmacy. These simple actions will help you to be fully armed at a time when a small miracle will make an uncertain step across the threshold of your house.

Brothers - older and smaller

Breeds of dogs that love children So, the puppy in the house. How the relationship between the dog and the child will develop depends on you. And it is you who are responsible for the relationship of the baby with the new member of the family. How to make, so that they would become friends?

Let the children understand, and the sooner the better, the dog is not a new amusing toy, not entertainment, but a living being who, like everyone else, can be hurt and who needs proper care.

It's no wonder that kids deliver a lot of discomfort to pets - they just do not understand how to properly handle the animal. Explain to them and do not forget that you do not have to leave the child with an "unfamiliar" dog alone.

Puppy also make it clear that barking or growling at children can not be under any circumstances. The dog should recognize the owner in the child, and for this purpose it is not enough to play with a dog - it is necessary to bring up it. If your children are still too small for this, engage in the education of the pet themselves.

Buying a dog for a child is a very important step, which should be well considered. This decision will require a lot of effort, money investment, time and increased attention to the dog, which will be curious to get acquainted with your child. But if you take this step - and make it right, the animal will grow up to be a devoted friend of your family, to which you can always rely. And your kid will receive invaluable lessons of responsibility for those whom he has tamed.


  1. I have two daughters. Already grown-up ladies. When they were 2-4 years old, we had German shepherds Daufman. These are big evil dogs with fangs of 2.5 cm. So I did not see the best and most faithful nannies in my life. They did not move away from the children by a centimeter, suffered any mockery from the children, lifted them from the ground, if they fell, they carefully licked them if they were smeared. And now the children have their dogs, though not sheep dogs - very roomy. In a city on the 11th floor, it is difficult to keep a large dog.

  2. I'll add more. There are no bad dogs. The character of the dog is the repetition of the character of the hosts. The dog always does what you expect of her. And no more. I had a friend who was very afraid of dogs, the more large. I come home somehow, and already my jaw dropped. My friend is sitting on the bench in the courtyard in an embrace with the dog and about something they talk quite peacefully and according to. I'm a friend - you're afraid of him. He answered: - And we agreed with him, I did not think that the dogs are so clever. And he invited me into the courtyard, and put me to rest, and even amused me by talking.


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