Symptoms and treatment of adenovirus infection in dogs


Adenovirus infection (infectious cough or infectious tracheobronchitis) is a contagious respiratory disease of dogs.

Most often the disease occurs in places of congestion of dogs:

  • Pet shops,
  • Research laboratories,
  • Overexposures,
  • Places of breeding,
  • Playgrounds for animals.

Therefore, it is often called an aviary cough. There is a disease at any age, but it is more severe in puppies between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 months. Predict chronic bronchitis in the dog , congenital anomalies in the respiratory system, bronchiectasis.


The most striking symptom of adenovirus infection is cough . It appears four days after the penetration of the pathogen into the body. The cough can be wet or dry, soft or rough. Sometimes, coughing sputum or vomiting may occur.

Coughing attacks are provoked by physical exertion, pressure on the trachea, excitation, changes in humidity or air temperature. Severe course of the disease is accompanied by fever (up to 40 degrees), wet cough, anorexia. Also, there may be discharge from the nose, shortness of breath, drowsiness, fatigue.

Diagnosis and treatment of adenovirus infection

For proper diagnosis, it is first important to exclude non-infectious causes of cough. For this , a chest X-ray is performed , which excludes pneumonia. Uncomplicated adenovirus infection is treated as an outpatient. If the disease complicates pneumonia , the hospitalization of the animal will be necessary.

First of all, the animal must be isolated from others. The dog needs to limit physical activity for 2-3 weeks and ensure good nutrition. Treatment begins with injections of an antibiotic, for example amoxicillin, which is potentiated with clavulanic acid (amoksiklav). With more severe leakage it is effective:

  • Gentamicin,
  • Enrofloxacin,
  • Cephalosporins of the 1st generation.

Therapy should last at least 10 days, until the disappearance of signs of pneumonia on the X-ray. Easier symptoms of tracheobronchitis can be with the help of steam inhalations and isotonic sodium chloride solution, which is used 3 times a day with a nebulizer.

With adequate therapy, uncomplicated adenovirus infection is usually completed within 10-14 days. Heavy can last up to five weeks. In any case, if the cough lasts more than two weeks, then you should question the correctness of the diagnosis.


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