Instructions for the use of hepatitis for dogs


Hepatitis for dogs is a complex hepatoprotector, which is used both for treatment and for the prevention of liver diseases.

The drug improves the work of the liver, including its ability to bind and remove toxic compounds. Thanks to it, the process of restoration of damaged heptocytes is accelerated, the structure of liver cells is preserved and restored, the content of ammonia in the body is normalized.

Useful properties of hepatitis for dogs

  1. Essential phospholipids in the formulation stop the development of tissue fibrosis, carry enzyme transport and have antioxidant activity.
  2. Methionine, as an indispensable amino acid, activates the action of a number of hormones, enzymes and vitamins, increases the phospholipids in the blood and reduces the concentration of cholesterol.
  3. L-ornithine removes ammonia from the body and restores liver cells.
  4. Extract of thistle spotty stabilizes the membranes of liver cells, improves their ability to detoxify, synthesize and excrete biological products.
  5. Extract of the immortelle eliminates colic and flatulence, reduces pain in the region of the right hypochondrium.

The medicine looks like a homogeneous suspension, which is taken inwards. It refers to low-risk substances and does not have therapeutic effects in teratogenic, embryotoxic, carcinogenic and sensitizing effects.

Instructions for use: dosage, contraindications, cost

Hepatitis is prescribed to dogs both for complex treatment, and for the prevention of chronic and acute liver diseases of a variety of etiologies. It can be after the transferred infectious diseases, poisonings, and also in order to reduce the risk of side effects from drugs that have hepatotoxicity.

The dose of the medicine depends on the weight of the animal.

  • At a weight of up to 10 kg, a single dose is 1 mg (one drop) and given 2-3 times a day. It can simply be dripped into the mouth or mixed with food.
  • At an animal weight of 11 to 20 kg, the single dose is 2 drops,
  • With a weight of 21 to 30 kg - three drops,
  • From 31 to 40 kg - 4 drops, etc.

The course of treatment usually lasts 2 - 3 weeks. In especially sensitive animals, allergic reactions are possible as a side effect. It is better not to use the drug in the treatment of animals with epilepsy, hepatic encephalopathy and severe form of kidney failure.


The cost of 35 ml of the suspension is about 200 rubles.

Reviews for hepatitis for dogs

Reference number 1

My German shepherd has been given a lot of medicines to treat acute poisoning . At some point her liver clearly stopped cope. The dog refused to eat , obviously was tormented. It's good that I met a dog breeder who recently had a similar problem and advised him to give hepatitis in parallel with drugs. Immediately it became easier and the dog very quickly and fully recovered.

Tatiana, Novosibirsk

Reference number 2

At my boxer any medicine causes reaction of a liver. It's just impossible to treat a dog. Therefore, our veterinarian always prescribes and hepatitis. Then Bark well tolerates any treatment and heals faster.

Paul, Volgograd


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