Why and what to do if a dog is deprived of his paws?

У собаки отнимаются лапы

Sometimes the owners discover a serious problem with the health of their pet. The dog suddenly paws.

This can happen for several quite different reasons, on which depends both the treatment and further prognosis of the animal's health.

The reasons for the fact that the dog is deprived of the rear or front paws

First of all, the reason that a dog can suddenly be deprived of paws at any age, are various injuries:

  1. Ruptures of tendons,
  2. Fractures,
  3. Damage to the peripheral nerves.

These can be injuries as a result of road accidents, impacts by objects, falls from a height, biting other animals, running, a sharp turn, slipping. In case of trauma, there is swelling , which compresses the radicular nerves or the spinal cord and the dog can not move.

Also, diseases such as tumors, arthroses and arthritis of joints of extremities can become the reason for the inability to walk. Tumors are squeezed by spinal nerves and spinal cord. If these diagnoses are excluded, then it may be a question of spinal pathology.

Что делать, если у собаки отнимаются лапы An accurate diagnosis is established on the basis of the whole complex of symptoms that each disease has. To clarify the diagnosis, additional research methods may be needed, such as ultrasound , radiography, general and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis).

What should I do when my paws are taken away from a dog?

Since the cause of the legs that are removed from the dog can be quite a lot of diseases or injuries, it is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis from a specialist. An alarming signal can be not only the inability of the dog to stand on its feet, but also strenuous gait, painful reaction when changing the position of the body, the unwillingness of the dog to walk, especially climbing the stairs.

The sooner the appeal to the veterinary clinic is followed, the more effective the treatment will be. If the dog is injured in the spine, it should be delivered to the doctor as soon as possible and preferably immobilized, that is, to fix the dog with bandages or straps on the board.

Thus it is not necessary to apply anesthetics without the decision of the doctor. The pain does not allow the animal to move, which makes it possible to avoid a stronger displacement of the vertebrae in the fracture. If possible, it is better to call a veterinarian at home.

To clarify the diagnosis, you may need an X-ray examination, blood and urine tests. This will help the doctor decide on the appointment of treatment, which can be therapeutic or surgical. Surgical is prescribed in case of danger of squeezing the spinal cord.

With conservative treatment, attention is focused on the removal of pain syndrome and inflammation and further anti-inflammatory therapy.


  1. The husky lost both legs for 9 years. We feed by force and weep. No money. We live in the village. How to help? What to do. It hurts to look at her. Help


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