The dog is depressed. What to do?

Депрессия у собак

How to help a dog if she has depression? For many thousands of years, our four-legged friends live side by side with man.

And it's not surprising that most dogs are very close to their host. After all, dogs also like people take on a bad mood, feeling when the owner is bad. And if earlier such a phenomenon as depression in a dog was a huge rarity, today this is almost no surprise.

The causes of depression in dogs

It can arise from many and different factors:

  • Separation from the host,
  • Death of one of the family members,
  • Restriction of freedom,
  • Obtaining a severe physical injury .

Anyway, if one dog can safely transfer all of the above problems, then the other can fall into a very deep depression.


The indicator of depression can be:

  1. Lethargy,
  2. Decreased appetite ,
  3. Drowsy condition,
  4. Unexplained aggression even to family members.

The dog has lost all desire to play, and in general, the owner simply can not recognize his cheerful, healthy pet, because physically he does not differ from the sick dog. By their behavior, the owners can only aggravate the depression in the dog.

Treatment of depression in dogs

Причины и лечение депрессии у собак

What is necessary to do and what measure to take if your dog is already ill and obvious signs of deep depression is proof of that?

  • First of all, provide your four-footed friend a complete peace. The dog's organism is like a human. During sleep, he also rests and recovery occurs more quickly.
  • If your dog does not show interest in games, you do not need to force it to do it. Give him complete peace. After spending a few days in this condition, the dog can safely return to life and play with new strength, have fun and live normally and fully.
  • While walking, try to spend as much time as possible.
  • Do not let the dog off the leash and watch as she walks by herself. Actively play with it, offer some interesting games, for example, "anport" or "lamb".
  • If other dogs are playing nearby, you can easily allow your pet to play with them, because communication with relatives can improve the dog's internal state and that, in turn, will quickly recover.

Your task is to make sure that the pet understands that no matter what happens around - he as always needs you. After all, most often the cause of all nervous diseases is a sense of loneliness, boredom and uselessness. Play with your dog. Some experts recommend that dogs include soothing music that relaxes the nervous system.

In any case, you know better what's more like your dog. Make games and communicate with him as interesting and rich as possible. You can not treat your pets as an unnecessary, everyday thing.

Remember, we are responsible for those who are close to us. Pay as much attention to your animals as possible. Know, they do not have a flexible mind like a human being, and sometimes it is much more difficult for them to cope with such diseases, especially when there is no support near. Be affectionate to your dogs and then they will surely answer you the same!


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