Instructions for the use of chondartron for dogs

Хондартрон для собак

Chondartron for dogs specifically affects cartilage, bone tissue and ligamentous apparatus. It is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The drug has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Its effectiveness is comparable, and sometimes exceeds the effectiveness of analgesics and anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs.

Instructions for use chondartron for dogs: dosage, contraindications

Hondartron for dogs restores metabolic processes in bone-cartilage tissue, stimulates regeneration processes. In connection with this, it is successfully used not only for inflammatory, but also for dysplastic, dystrophic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Assign the drug for such diseases as spondylopathy, discopathy, hip dysplasia , osteochondrosis, rickets, fractures and sprains, ligamentous apparatus weakness, arthritis in dogs , bursitis and others.

Инструкция по применению хондартрона для собак

With spondylopathy, discopathy, osteochondrosis, the chondartron is preferably administered intradermally or subcutaneously 1-2 times a day. As the condition of the dog is eased, the intervals between injections increase. He quickly stops inflammation and development of edema, neutralizes the effects of compression, relieves pain, activates regenerative processes.

Due to the fact that chondartron actively stimulates the formation of collagen and regulates mineral metabolism, it is widely used for the prevention and treatment of such a frequent disease in large dogs, like hip dysplasia.

Rickets are also treated with puppies in this puppy , and in elderly dogs, the ligamentous apparatus is weak. Chondartron is also used for the prevention of these diseases. It is given in drops - 7-10 drops per day for 2-3 months. For treatment, injections are made. With sprains and fractures, the drug accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues and has an analgesic effect.

The price of the drug is about 170-230 rubles per bottle in 10 ml and 190 rubles for 50 tablets.

Reviews of the chondartron for dogs

Reference number 1

At us the two-month puppy of St. Bernard after the next inoculation immediately "sat down" on hinder legs. He could not walk, he almost lay all the time, his hind legs pinched under his stomach. On the X-ray, we saw a detachment of the articular cartilage in the knee joint.

For the restoration we were prescribed a traditional traumatine for dogs and advised to give a chondartron. We first injected it intramuscularly once a day for 20 days. And then another month, one tablet 2 times a day. The puppy began to come alive right before our eyes. First, the hind legs were leveled, and then the limp was gone.

Reference number 2

A couple of months ago, I noticed that my amstaff (15 months) after a long time lying down, begins to limp on his hind legs. Also the dog became worse and reluctant to jump. Diagnosed: fibrotic dysplasia of the hip joint.

After two weeks of traditional treatment, the dog felt better, but the lameness remained. The monthly course of the chondartron helped him to cope with it. It was after him that the dog stopped limping and became mobile.


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