The dog lost his appetite. What to do?

У собаки нет аппетита

Lack of appetite in dogs is not uncommon and, as a rule, it occurs without visible signs of illness.

Each owner should be distinguished when his pet decided to starve for health reasons, and when it's time to sound an alarm and consult a doctor.

Why does the dog have no appetite? Main reasons

All reasons for the dog's refusal to eat can be divided into two groups:

  1. Physiological
  2. Behavioral

Among the physiological causes is a disease or wound in the dog . Any pain, nausea, or even depression can make a dog give up eating . In some diseases, certain foods can cause discomfort. So the pain in the abdomen, kidneys or liver can be related to the food that was eaten the last time and then to abandon this menu.

Nausea or vomiting in the dog can cause medication and some procedures, for example, chemotherapy. Antibiotics can cause discomfort in the liver or irritation in the abdomen. And any pain, including in the extremities or from the wound, can cause bad appetite.

Что делать, если у собаки нет аппетита

Usually the physical reasons for refusing food are accompanied by some symptoms. For example, if a dog has a stomach ache, it stoops when it is worth trembling. Pain in other organs can be manifested by lameness, difficulty in getting up. At a nausea at it there is a dyspnea or short wind, drool, slezjatsja eyes.

If such signs appear, the vet should be visited immediately. The animal needs urgent examination and diagnosis. The second group of reasons the dog's lack of appetite is a behavioral problem.

Often, the owners of dogs and themselves without suspecting teach them to be picky and picky in food. So if a dog is given some food, from which she refuses, and then offers her favorite food, she learns not to eat unloved and to starve in anticipation of tidbits.

It happens so when the dog is offered food, but she refuses and the host starts to get angry and make the dog eat. It frightens her and causes fear of the process of eating and aversion to food. After all, the dog reacts to the emotions of a person and begins to think that eating is an unpleasant exercise.

What to do if the dog has lost his appetite

If the dog is depressed, languid and clearly experiencing discomfort, it must be shown to the veterinarian. If you can not do it quickly, you can give the tablets of activated charcoal - 1 tablet per 10 kg of animal weight.

If the dog clearly has behavioral reasons for refusing food, then it is not necessary to indulge the capricious animal, but also get angry with him, make him eat or even watch anxiously. The process of feeding should pass calmly and equally. A bowl of food is put up and the dog is left alone, and if she does not eat the bowl is cleaned after 10 minutes. Again it is exposed during the next feeding.


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