Dog rescuers in the mountains and on the water will come to the rescue of people

Собаки спасатели

Dogs have long been used as strong and hardy rescuers. Thanks to the excellent scent and hearing, they find people under snowy debris, in a flaming building, in the water and under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Incredible sense of smell in dogs works even in smoke and fumes. By and large, the dog-like scent is akin to the sixth sense, as the dog smells a man and under a nine-meter thick snow. Dogs are more effective search engines in rescue work than humans.

For example, in the same room, twenty people will need about four people to search for victims, and one dog will last only 10 minutes.

Собаки спасатели на воде

Breeds of dogs-rescuers

There are a lot of such breeds. At the moment the most popular are

  • Newfoundland ,
  • St. Bernard,
  • Labrador retriever,
  • Belgian and German Shepherds,
  • Doberman,
  • spaniel,
  • Rottweiler,
  • Draathaar ,
  • Leonberger.

It is these dogs that are most often used by rescue services. The best breed for saving drowning is Newfoundland, therefore its second name is "diver" . These dogs are not afraid of frosts and can calmly swim even in icy water. Features of the body Newfoundland (a special structure of the ears and paws, membrane between the fingers, the third eyelid) allows you to swim up to 20 km and dive to a depth of 30 m.

He has a very powerful unconditional instinct to save a person. The dog will rush into the water, scarcely suspecting that someone is drowning. In all the mountains, where the snow lies, the rescue team must include a dog. Such rescuers can be any breed, but most commonly used are the St. Bernards. They are very hardy and easy to train.

Along with the St. Bernards mountain rescuers often work and shepherds. After earthquakes, the best way to find people is to produce dogs. They are able to crawl in places where people can not pass through, they smell the victim under the great thickness of the blockage. So, two spaniels became famous, which after the Neftegorsk earthquake rescued 35 people from the rubble.

Собаки спасатели при пожаре, в огне

These dogs are not prevented by the smells of debris, medicines, or intense heat. Rescue animals worked for 7 hours a day, examining the piles of concrete in centimeters and indicating to rescuers where a person might be.

Skills of the rescue dog

It is not enough to have a natural scent and endurance. Each rescue dog is specially trained in its craft. Such a dog should find the victim, voice it to his guide and carry rescuers to the place where the victim is. To do this, it must have a number of qualities.

For example, it is important that such an animal is very well socialized. That is, it was friendly to people, obedient and flexible. Also, the rescue dog must be very hardy and have a strong constitution.

It is important for him to be able to quickly adapt to external conditions, not to be afraid of heat and cold, to withstand heavy psychoemotional burdens, since rescue operations are often associated with human grief.


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