Baskervilles and her friends

Собака Баскервилей и ее друзья

Scary and mysterious stories tickle your nerves. No wonder so many like them so much. But are all legends pure invention?

From the pages of novels

Once Sir Conan Doyle put a monstrous ghost in the marshes near the Baskerville Hall: a huge dog was hunting for the heirs of the damned family. Often in legends, novels and films, ghost animals accompanied their disembodied hosts. The wild hunting of King Stakh, invented by Vladimir Korotkevich, pranced in the company of a ghostly ghostly pack.

And the famous and frightening Horseman without a head would never be famous without his faithful horse. The cat's ghost has become one of the key figures of the novel by Stephen King "The Cemetery of Pets". The dog from the cartoon "Frankenwinnie" can not be called a ghost in the full sense of the word. But still, even the death under the wheels of the car could not separate the faithful pet with its loving owner.

And if you recall the work of such recognized masters of literary horror as Edgar Poe and Howard Lovecraft, you can tirelessly list the otherworldly beasts of all stripes with which they populated their imperishable works. But are there ghosts invented by genius in the real world?

If you want - believe, you want - do not believe

Stories about phantom animals can be found not only on the bookshelf. Earlier they were passed from mouth to mouth by old residents of abandoned villages. And now it is better to look for "legends" on the World Wide Web. What do the worried eyewitnesses write about?

A young family from America recently moved to a new home. They moved not alone - along with them a luxurious white cat settled in the house. But, as it turned out, a purr

Пес Бобби

Came not alone. He had a ghostly buddy. A huge white cat periodically appeared in different parts of the house, although the real pet at that moment peacefully slept in one of its favorite places.

At the same time, the ghost cat had a mild temper and did not bother his new "bosses" at all. And in another American family they lost a cat. All household members bitterly suffered a loss. But, to my surprise, the owners soon again met with the dead pet: on a randomly made at the family celebration of the photo there was a beloved cat, alive and healthy.

True, neither at the feast, nor after the pet, no one else saw ... Devoted animals try to help their masters even after death.

A resident of Ashgabat did not see her soul in her black cat. Murlika always responded to her with kindness, but, unfortunately, she died from the bite of a poisonous snake. Nevertheless, one night the hostess woke up from a cat's meow. A familiar voice urged her out into the street. Surprisingly, as soon as the woman left the house, the house collapsed. The ghost saved the woman from death during a strong earthquake ...

Everyone knows the touching story of a devoted dog named Khatiko , who nine years after the death of the owner came to the station where he usually met a loved one, and waited for him. Edinburgh has its own symbol of dog fidelity. Dog Bobby 14 years every evening came to the grave of the owner. And even death could not separate our friends.

Some time after the death of Bobby, visitors and cemetery custodians began to notice ghosts. Between the graves, a tall, stately man and a handsome smart dog walked calmly along side by side ...

It is worth believing in these stories - everyone decides for himself. But, we hope that every pet that was loved and cherished, even after returning to the ground, closely watches those who were dear to him.


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