Top 10 best breeds of dogs for the family

собака для семьи

The first thing you need to know is that a typical "family" dog does not exist, as there is no typical family.

A couple with three children living in the private sector is unlikely to get a dog of the same breed as a young couple with a newborn living in a rented apartment. Many aspects of the lifestyle of your family need to be taken into account to finally decide which breed suits you best.

What do you need to know in order to choose the best breed of dog for your family?

  • How much time can you dedicate to the dog?
  • Will someone stay with her for a week or will the house be empty most of the day?
  • Does the family have active amateurs to go hiking or do your relatives prefer to gather at the TV?

These are the main issues that will help you navigate and reduce the diversity of four-legged candidates to a minimum.

Here, according to the best breeds of dogs for the family:

1. Newfoundland

Ньюфаундленд - большая и сильная собака для семьи Originally newfoundlands were bred in the cold Atlantic as a working breed, and since then they have always been considered the most kind, tenderest and most accommodating thoroughbred animals in the world. They are huge (their weight can reach 70 kg) and some of the most powerful in their category of dogs, but their patience is truly legendary: they are ideal for families with small children.

This is the animal that you can trust to save your child from the freezing river. However, all these valuable features have their price - care. The thick coat of Nova needs a brush at least once a week. In addition, there is no point in denying that these dogs are real saliva plants.

Newfoundlands also require a lot of space: moderate daily walks will satisfy your pet's need for exercise, but make sure that there is enough room for him to stretch out on the floor when he returns home.

2. The Papillon

Папильон - небольшая семейная собака For some reason, we often forget about how simple lap- dogs , papillons , are ideal for the townspeople. Papillon is not only a fashionable accessory, so do not let their appearance fool you. Unlike other "toy" breeds, the lap-dogs are energetic, very intelligent, fun and eager to please.

Together with small sizes, all this makes them ideal companions for families with small apartments. But for all their charm experts do not recommend papillions to couples with young children. No, dogs do not pose a threat to children, rather the opposite.

The self-doubt of a lap dog is somewhat greater than its fragile body, which makes this breed prone to injury when they play with children. After all, the kids have not yet learned to count their strength.

3. Golden Retriever

Золотистый ретривер - одна из лучших семейных собак

Golden retriever for a long time was the main choice of the "family" dog, especially in the US - and not in vain. This dog is the center of love, he loves everyone. It fits perfectly for a large and for a small family, for kids and for teenagers.

In addition, golden retrievers are very easy to train: a combination of intelligence and the desire to please makes them more than other breeds adapted to positive incentives, such as refreshments and weasel. These dogs have only one drawback.

Being adored everywhere, they trustingly believe that every person is their friend. Therefore, as a guard dog, the retriever will quickly turn over on his back and place his stomach for scratching, than he will bark to warn the owners about the invasion of a dark person or a mean robber.

4. Pug

Мопс - надежный семейный друг

Pugs , along with sloths, sea horses and baby battleships were in a group of animals that look both strange and charming. Their unusual muzzles are teased differently, but in fact, pugs are complaisant, benevolent and calm animals that are active enough to be fun with, but small enough not to require a 5-kilometer jog every day.

Most importantly, pugs are patient and strong kids, which means they will perfectly suit families with young children who do not yet know how to play cautiously, and for residents of an apartment building who can be sure that their pet will not disturb the neighbors' peace with constant bawling.

5. Labrador Retriever

Лабрадор ретривер - самая популярная собака для семьи в США

Labrador is a dog in the most classical sense of the word. Friendly, loyal, full of enthusiasm, these animals work hard, play until they drop and quite adequately eat when they return home at the end of the day.

They need a lot of space and attention, but they will compensate all this with pure love and devotion, which conquered humanity even in those times when we first met our four-legged companions.

Larbadors get along well with children, are very smart and are one of the most popular service breeds in the world. Such a pet is good for a family who prefers active rest, and, possibly, having small children. Be sure: if you do not have a stick or frisbee, the labrador will run even after the banana.

6. Lovely mongrels

Милые дворняги могут стать хорошими семейными собаками Technically a mongrel is not a breed , but you should consider the possibility of sheltering a puppy or an old dog when you choose a family pet. Each mongrel is unique, and their hybrid power makes them much less vulnerable to health problems and personal fads, which are often subject to inbred dog breeds.

But the best thing is that taking a mongrel to you, you will save her life and at the same time save a lot of money for the services of a veterinarian. The nobility, as a rule, are friendly, intelligent and excellently show themselves in canine sport. Their only drawback is that their growth can not be foreseen: all puppies are tiny, so it's hard to say to what size this or that baby will grow in the future and will not it embarrass you.

7. Dachshund

Такса - одна из самых популярных пород собак для семьи в Европе Despite the fact that the tax is reminiscent of a running sausage, this dog treats himself very seriously. Others perceive it with humor, but this fact does not bother you. Animals of this breed are not particularly intelligent, a little snobs and behave with reserved strangers.

What then is their appeal? In the old good foolishness. Unlike many other bolonoks, dachshunds are extremely playful, they are never bored with, and they just love to be close to their master. They usually have short hair, so you will not encounter the problem of molting.

Despite the fact that the dachshund is very energetic, training is required in proportion to its size. This breed is ideal for people with low physical activity who would like to get a dog unpretentious, but with some personality.

8. Basset Hound

Бассет-хаунд - вальяжный и добрый пес для семьи It's no secret that keeping a dog takes a lot of time and energy: feeding, cleaning, cleaning, washing, training and training - all this resembles the upbringing of a small child who will never understand that drinking water from the toilet is bad. Sometimes the best family dog ​​is the one that does almost nothing.

At the very end of the energy spectrum is the Basset Hound . With its minimal activity, this dog has about the same energy level as the potato. Being sufficiently mobile in his youth, with age, the basset hound prefers lying on the fireplace or on the porch. Over the years, this family pet is becoming more like a favorite piece of furniture than a walking source of trouble.

9. Border Collie


Because of the popularity of one TV series in the 90s, the collie breed dog became the symbol of the most useful family dog. These are really wonderful animals, but they are difficult to name for a pet suitable for any family. Long-haired collies are better suited for families with older children.

Like sheepdogs, Border Collie has a millennial learning ability, but herd instinct, the need to be around always, whatever happens, makes these animals a bad option for families with young children - unless you have a son or daughter who fall into the well , Are lynched or stuck in a burning barn at least once a week. To such babies the collie should go "in a standard complete set".

10. Beagle

Бигль - собака для семьи, которая Вас не разочарует The word "carefree" is suitable for describing dogs of this breed the most. Beagles are very charming, charming and benevolent. This is not only true, but also a polite way to point out the superiority of the personal qualities of the beagle over its intelligence.

Initially, these dogs were bred as pack and hunting. That's why they have such a sociable and cheerful disposition that makes them an ideal choice for a large family in which your pet will get the most attention and be able to feel part of the team.

Beagle does not shine with learning abilities, so do not expect quick results from home training. But the friendly nature of this dog, its compact size and good attitude to young children make it a coveted and popular family companion.

In our opinion, these are the best breeds of dogs for the family. If you, dear reader, have an opinion, unsubscribe in the field "Comment"


  1. And I liked the poodle in the content - active on the street, quiet at home, does not bark, it's easy to train, there is no wool in the apartment, playing with children, etc. Minus one you need to drive to grumiru or learn to cut.
    The Dwarves: wonderful, very intelligent, easy to train, not whimsical, rarely sick. Cons - unknown size and personally my dogs had a craving for picks.
    English setter is also a wonderful dog, gets along well with children, is trained, beautiful. Cons: our all time was ill with hereditary diseases: cardiac arrhythmia, an allergy, a stool with blood (I do not remember what is called), + everything picked up - it was badly poisoned, limped, the festering nipple was removed, a subcutaneous tick was treated, a tumor on the side ... Etc. All and can not remember.

  2. And we have a Miniature Pinscher! Very good is a "call", she is always on the alert !!! And barks. He loves cats. She loves children. Few feeds, the whole diet with a thimble. Almost does not shed. Before that there was a shepherd and a mongrel-they are very clever and devoted! Look into the eyes is something! Zvergpinschery certainly does not look you in the eye-they are always on the move, they like to run, on the street all dogs will be overtaken, and the owners will "zakrugat" with leashes! In general, a dog is good. We have 2 children and a dog, how do the children love her-and she does them!


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