Which is better to choose the dog breed companion?

Собака компаньон

Do not confuse the dog companion and dogs of fashionable breeds. Unfortunately, many of us are determined with the choice of a four-footed man under the influence of fashion trends, and not reason.

For example, the breeds of dogs with long hair are considered rather prestigious. Although completely overlooked is the fact that caring for this kind of wool is quite laborious and troublesome, which is beyond the power of every owner. And how many accidents occur due to the fact that people buy amusement dogs for fun.

Such animals require good upbringing and are not very desirable for living with young children or in families where they often conflict. Dog content in

Лучшая порода собаки-компаньона

A close urban apartment is usually considered not acceptable.

Despite this, urban residents have one, or even two, dogs. Remoteness from nature is forcing the townspeople, at least with the help of animals, to be a little closer to living nature.

What should I consider when choosing a dog companion and its breed?

Whatever you and your pet were always happy with - you need to consider some conditions:

  1. For the average person there will be very comfortable breeds of dogs that do not require constant haircuts , combing and constant unraveling of coils of wool.
  2. Your new family member should be manageable: it's easy to give training and calmly react to the presence of people and other dogs. The manifestation of aggression is possible only as a last resort: to protect yourself or the owner.
  3. For a city, it's better to choose dogs that do not need a lot of exercise. After all, the activity of a dog in the city is limited to a meager number of places for walking and close apartments.
  4. In the diet, the dog should not be whimsical. The budget of most families will not attract the purchase of special balanced dry feeds .
  5. The dog should move without any problems, both in the car and in public transport.

The best breeds of companion dogs

Which dogs are suitable for this description? Unfortunately, the culture of keeping dogs in our country is far from top-level. In the megacities of the West, you almost never see large dogs. Most foreigners prefer poodles, cocker spaniels, retrievers and other breeds of small or medium size.

To say specifically, which dog can not be kept in urban conditions is difficult. For example, a fairly large Irish wolfhound in a limited space feels comfortable. A Caucasian shepherd, on the contrary - will be sad in a small "Khrushchev". Therefore, to choose a dog, which for many years will become a devoted companion for you, come very carefully.


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