Why does the dog run, chasing the tail?

Почему собака бегает за хвостом

Inexperienced dog breeders believe that running their dog behind the tail is a game that a pet starts up in boredom or for joy.

However, this is not at all the case, and such behavior may more likely indicate serious problems in the dog with health.

For what reasons does the dog run after the tail?

The reasons for this behavior can be many and to determine the specific, you need to observe the animal, whether there are other signs. So, if the dog not only runs behind its tail, but also tries to gnaw it out or lick it, it can testify that something hinders it: burdocks, koltuny, skin damages.

Itching in the anal region can be caused by inflammation of the anal glands or the presence of worms . If this behavior is typical of a small puppy with a docked tail, this may indicate that the operation was unsuccessful, for example, the vertebral fragment remained and the adjacent tissues are injured.

  • If the dog suddenly starts spinning on the spot, it can talk about the vestibular syndrome.
  • And if her condition has deteriorated noticeably, vomiting , diarrhea is observed , then liver disease is not ruled out.
  • Causes may be behavioral. Chasing your tail can be a dog that lacks human attention and thus it tries to provoke at least some reaction, whether it be laughter or abuse.
  • Running behind the tail is also observed in dogs with a high level of anxiety.

Что делать, если собака бегает за хвостом? This is evidenced by other tricks, such as barking and waking alone, trying to go to the toilet in the house, when there is no one to eat, to gnaw things.

What to do?

  1. First, you need to carefully inspect the animal for collars, turnips, tail injuries.
  2. If an external examination shows that the tail is in order, then the pet should be shown to the doctor to check whether the anal glands in the dog are inflamed and whether there are no worms.

The doctor will clear the gland, and in the neglected case will also prescribe treatment. To prevent the appearance of worms, it is necessary to give the dog antihelminthic drugs every three to four months.

Read more about this in the article: How to wax a dog . Also it is necessary to pass the analysis of a feces for presence of the elementary. If the tail is improperly cut, you may need another operation.

With a sudden deterioration in the health of the animal, you need to contact the veterinarian and examine the dog. If the animal's health is in order, then you should pay more attention to it. It is necessary to ignore the spin, but often caress the pet, play with it and communicate in every possible way.

If the cause of the dog's spin is anxiety, it is necessary to find out its causes and change the situation, remove what frightens and provokes the dog. Putting on a protective collar or planting an animal in a cage will only increase anxiety due to the fact that it can not perform a stereotyped action.


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