How to properly and how to treat a dog?

Как глистовать собаку

Worms can cause the development of a variety of, including deadly diseases of the dog. Infection with worms is called helminthiasis. It is very common and at the same time quite dangerous.

Worms can affect absolutely all organs of the animal. Therefore, the dog needs to be treated regularly from parasites to prevent helminthiasis.

How often and when do I need to flaunt a dog?

It is often possible to meet the advice that the squirting of worms should be carried out every three months. Many veterinarians agree with this opinion, but there are other things. According to him, it is recommended to flaunt dogs much less often. It is based on the fact that anthelmintic preparations contain substances that, when taken frequently, can harm the animal.

Still, any anthelmintic preparation is a poison that not only kills parasites but also strikes the liver and kidneys. The presence in the animal body of a certain number of worms is quite a natural phenomenon.

Как часто нужно глистовать собаку?

If the dog is in good health and does not suffer from helminthiasis symptoms, the parasite race should be conducted much less often - about every six months. Both opinions have a right to exist, as much depends on the nutrition of the dog. If the animal is fed with dry food and carefully watches that it does not eat anything from the ground , it is enough to worm it once every six months.

If it feeds on raw meat and offal, prevention of the dog from worms should be carried out more often. Be sure to flaunt the dog before:

  • Viscous ,
  • Vaccination,
  • The appearance in the house of a puppy or child

How to properly flay the dog?

Beginning to worm a dog can be from three weeks of age. To do this, you must select the drugs marked "For puppies." Adult angelmintics are designed for dogs over two months old. The best drugs at the moment are drontal and kanikvantel.

The dose depends on the weight of the dog. As a rule, the tablet is designed for 10 kg of animal weight, therefore it is more convenient for the smallest breeds to use suspensions at the rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of weight. For three for before degelmentization and a week after the dog is worth giving drugs that support liver function.

On the day of the procedure and the next five days, you need to start giving sorbents, for example, enteros gel. This will minimize the damage not only from the poisonous drug, but also from the affected worms, which will begin to accumulate in the stomach of the dog.

Contraindications to worming

It is not always possible to start dehelmentizing a dog. For example, this procedure can become quite severe for the organism of a sick animal. Also, contraindication to de-worming is pregnancy, as the drug can harm puppies.

Therefore, it is better to carry out this procedure before the planned pregnancy of the dog . If there is an extreme need for degelmentization of a pregnant dog, then it is necessary to carry it out on the last terms and with "soft" preparations.


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