Metastases in the dog. What to do?

Метастазы у собак

Cancerous metastases are new foci of a malignant tumor that appear outside the tissues where the first tumor was initially formed.

Malignant tumor cells are transported through the lymphatic and blood vessels from the primary focus. This process is called metastasis. Any type of cancer can lead to the formation of metastases. Most often, metastases arise in the liver, lungs and bones.

Metastases begin to appear in the second and third stages of cancer (in the lymph nodes), and also in the fourth, when the tumor spreads to other organs of the dog's body. It is not rare that the presence of cancer is diagnosed only after the appearance of metastases, since tumors in the internal organs do not manifest themselves in any way, and pains appear only where the metastases have arisen.

Symptoms of Cancerous Metastasis in Dogs

метастазы в легких у собаки As a rule, the only significant symptom of metastasis is enlarged lymph nodes. First of all - submandibular, and also under the armpits and in the groin area. The remaining symptoms depend on the place of appearance of metastases and their size.

So, with metastases in the bones, the dog experiences severe pain in the body, it can limp, it is very easy to break legs. If metastases have appeared in the brain, then the animal has convulsions , severe headache, it is depressed.

Treatment of metastases in dogs

Metastases can not be treated separately from the primary tumor. First it is necessary to remove it, and then to determine if there are metastases in the body.

To detect them, use:

  1. X-ray,
  2. ultrasound,
  3. CT scan,
  4. Some laboratory blood tests

After surgery, a decision is made to continue treatment, usually with the help of chemotherapy.

It is very important to diagnose cancer as early as possible in a dog , then it is possible to prevent active metastasis of the body. In general, tumor metastasis is an unfavorable prognosis of the outcome of the disease.

Often in such cases, the veterinarian can offer the owner of the dog euthanasia , especially if the primary tumor in the dog can not be operated (for example, with brain or blood cancer).

In addition, chemotherapy causes serious side effects, often irretrievably damaging certain body systems. Therefore, at the stage of appearance of metastases, the treatment often reduces only to alleviating the symptoms and only occasionally to an insignificant prolongation of life.


To avoid the appearance of metastases, it is necessary to diagnose and remove the primary tumor as early as possible. To do this, the animal needs to be screened in time for the presence of cancer. For example, check the condition of the mammary glands in the bitch after giving birth and feeding the puppies.

It is also necessary to treat all chronic diseases on time and always contact the veterinarian for health problems, not hoping that everything "will heal as if on a dog".


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