What to do when the dog is rocking in the car?

Что делать, когда собаку укачивает в машине?

Some dogs are happy to ride in the car, but often many animals in road transport are rocking.

In such situation:

  • The dog is sick,
  • Breathing becomes more frequent,
  • Her saliva is flowing abundantly,
  • General condition oppressed.

The fact that the dog can be judged badly by the fact that she worries, constantly changes the position of the body.

What to do when the dog is rocking in the car:

  1. Consult with a veterinarian to prescribe a special drug.
  2. Create for the dog association with something pleasant (treat snacks, give a toy in the car).
  3. If the trip is long, stop every two hours.
  4. Do not smoke, do not listen to music loudly, remove flavorings.
  5. Create a comfortable temperature and air exchange.
  6. It is more common to carry a dog on a car (vestibular charging).

The causes of motion sickness in the car

Puppies till a year sway just because their vestibular apparatus is not perfect yet. And the problem with age can disappear. In adult animals, the causes of motion sickness can be physiological, for example, diseases of the middle ear. In this case, a consultation of a veterinarian is absolutely necessary. He will advise special drugs that prevent motion sickness.

Как приучить собаку к машине There are a lot of such drugs :

  1. Aeron,
  2. Bubbled,
  3. Cerucal ,
  4. Nux Vomikard,
  5. Injections of metoclopramide,
  6. Dramines,
  7. Serenia,
  8. Racefit

Before using them, you need to study the instructions, since dosage is very important. If the animal shows no signs of motion sickness, but is very nervous before the trip, it can be given a light sedative: phytax, stop-stress. Some dogs of small breeds calmed down when they are carried in a bag or carrying .

It's worth trying on a kid, maybe he will feel more protected like this. The best treatment for the vestibular apparatus is vestibular exercise. That is, the dog needs to be carried as often as possible by car. But you need to start at short intervals, literally around the house. The reasons are psychological. For example, negative first experience.

If the puppy got acquainted with the car, when his patients were taken to the veterinary clinic for injections and vaccinations, then for him the car will become a symbol of trouble. In this situation, it is worth several times to bring the dog to some pleasant procedures:

  • Bathing on the river,
  • An interesting walk,
  • To classes at the sports ground.

Also in the car you can give the dog a little treat of her favorite treats , give a toy so that the car is associated with something pleasant.

What to do during a trip

Knowing that the trip is by car, the dog should not be fed. At least after a meal should take at least two hours, but the more, the better. Also, you should walk the dog well before going on a trip. In a car with a dog you should not smoke, it is better to remove flavors and not to use perfume.

The dog can even get turned on by the radio, so it's better to turn it off. If the street is not cold, it is necessary to open the window to allow fresh air. Firstly, it is better to put the dog in the car, not starting to move, so that it is accustomed to smells and adapted. Go better slowly, without sudden braking and turning.

If you have a long trip, then every two hours you need to stop to allow the dog to go to the toilet, run a little, drink fresh water.


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