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Канина для собак

Vitamin Complexes Canine for dogs and puppies

Features of consumption of vitamins by dogs. Reviews of real people and prices
Клеймение собак

Mark the owner, or Why brand a dog?

Branding of dogs. What is the brand and what does it consist of? How does the procedure work? Alternative to branding dogs
Как подстричь когти собаке: правильно обрезать в домашних условиях

How to properly cut the claws of a dog at home?

Why is it important to cut the claws of a dog and how often? How to properly cut the claws of a dog at home?
Помощь бездомным животным

How to help a stray dog ​​or cat?

In winter we hurry to hide from the cold warm houses, drink hot tea ... And homeless dogs and cats have nowhere to hide
Собака транспорт

Dog and transport. How to transport a dog in a bus, trolleybus, tram

Four-legged passenger. We accustom the dog to public transport
Какой намордник лучше купить для собаки?

Which muzzle should I buy for a dog?

How to teach a dog to muzzle? A dog is a dog. Muzzle muzzle - too!
Причины плохого поведения собак

Causes of bad behavior of dogs

Nothing happens without a reason. If the reason is not obvious, it does not mean that it is not, just did not pay attention to it. The reason for bad behavior is always, and, as a rule, not one.

Беременность собак

Pregnancy of dogs: all that the owner needs to know

Pregnancy of a dog is the period of development of a fertilized egg in the future puppy, up to the moment of its birth. For the animal organism, this is always stress and during this period chronic diseases can become aggravated or new health problems may arise.

Что делают поисковые собаки

What are the benefits of search dogs?

A search dog is a special type of police dog that is trained specifically to look for people or their remains
Как правильно и быстрее продавать щенков

How to sell puppies?

What should I ask a potential buyer? What price should I set?

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