What kind of dry food is best for Alabai?

Какой сухой корм лучше выбрать для алабая

Alabai belong to giant dogs, this is the classification of producers of dry food.

It is believed that it is not easy to feed such large dogs, they eat literally buckets, but if you choose dry food as your main diet, you can completely destroy this stereotype.

Your alabai will be satisfied with very modest portions of food surprisingly all around. Principles of feeding with dry food for all dogs are the same, but there are some peculiarities of their own. Remember the origin of the Alabai, as they had eaten before. At a time when they roamed with shepherds, the dogs learned to derive maximum benefit from any food.

Какой сухой корм лучше выбрать для алабая Food that other dogs simply will not digest, Alabayev will saturate with nutrients. Now have passed those harsh times, when the character was tempered and the appearance of the breed was formed. Ready dry food is a balanced set of nutrients for alabai and one of the easiest feeding options for its owner. The only wish is the training to dry food from the age of 2-3 months.

If Alabai first will eat natural food, and then you will transfer it to dry food, then the stomach will already be stretched, and small portions of dry food will not be perceived as a full meal. Alabai, accustomed to hard food, for example, those who eat raw meat , tearing it from bones, are also very reluctant to switch to a dry diet, swallowing balls, without chewing.

In such a case, it is recommended to soak the dry food in water. If Alabai receives a dry food from an early age, then it is necessary to give him additional load on the jaw. These can be large bones, wooden sticks, special dog treats. Physiologists have established a relationship between the volume of feed and the type of addition. If Alabai is grown on dry food, then its constitution will be more dry compared to the loose type of the addition of dogs grown on natural forages.

Of course, much in this matter depends on heredity, so here every Alabai owner can draw his conclusions. If you began to feed the dog from childhood with dry food, and then decided to transfer it to natural foods, then the transition period will be even more difficult. Alabai digestive system will not cope with large chunks of food, there will be regurgitation, digestive upset and other unpleasant phenomena.

General recommendations for all owners of Alabai, who decided to feed their pet with dry food

  1. Consistency of life-long feeding
  2. Give additional strain on the jaw
  3. In a bowl there must always be drinking water
  4. Selection of dry food of good quality

It's difficult to say exactly what kind of food to give to your dog. There are many good super premium feeds for giant breeds of dogs , but often the question is limited by the price. Feed rates are calculated based on the weight of the dog, and 100-kilogram Alabai, of course, "eat" more money from the host's budget than the Chihuahua.

Therefore, sometimes the owners of the Alabas decide to choose the food of the economy-claas, but it is less nutritious, so it needs much more. In addition, on a cheap feed, alabai will grow thin and get health problems. Therefore, among the breeders of the breed, the food of the economy class is not respected. You can choose one of these for your pet:

Какой сухой корм лучше выбрать для алабая These brands offer special feeds for large and giant breeds . They have food for all ages, it is very convenient: no need to select other types of dry food. You can choose another brand, which you personally are more convenient to buy. For alabai it is better to buy large packages at once, for example, at 18 kg. It will be more profitable and convenient. But for the sample, it's better to buy a small package to watch the reaction of the dog to feed.

The dosage of dry food depends on the age of the dog, on its physical activity and even on the weather (hot summer requires less food). The recommendations on the package are only approximate, so you will have to find the "ideal portion" that suits your Alabai. If your dog walks on the street for several hours a day, passes a special training course, swims and performs other activities, which means that she needs more food than the dog that spends whole days in the cage .


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