South African Boerboel - description of the breed

South African Boerboel is a family dog, affectionate with every member of the family, loving children. His main goal is to protect the whole family.

History of Boerboel

Boerboel photo
Photo: South African Boerboel

Homeland of the breed is considered to be South Africa, although the roots of this ancient dog species are found in Asia. In Assyria, the dogs of these dogs were used as soldiers, covered with special armor. From Egypt, Alexander of Macedon brought them to Europe. In time, mastiffs for guard and hunting dogs were removed from the Boerboels. It is said that it is possible that all varieties of European dogs originated from these two species.

Already in the 17th century, this breed was again restored from several European breeds on the Cape of Good Hope as a farm dog. As a result of almost natural selection, strong and enduring modern Boerboels appeared.

Urbanization began to lead to the disappearance of Boerboels and in the 80s of the last century, work began on the restoration of the breed in the territory of South Africa.


Южноафриканский бурбуль
Photo: Boerboel

This is a large dog , the height at the withers from 55 to 75 cm and weighing up to 80, and even 90 kg. It is a harmonious and well-balanced dog, with well-muscled muscles and strong strong bone.

He has a flexible back, a slightly elongated body, a well-developed powerful croup, strong legs with well-developed muscles. Thanks to the elastic ligament of the limbs, the South African Boerboel moves almost silently.

A well-built dog with a powerful head is remarkable for health and longevity and can live up to 15 years.

The furrows of Boerboels are smooth and short. Color can be from cream, light yellow to dark-red, including all tiger and spotted colors. On the muzzle, there may be a mask, darkened ears. The head of the Boerboel is its defining breed sign.

Character Boerboel

Representatives of this breed have a stable psyche. For their gigantic growth and weight, they are very active and mobile and require solid daily loads, for example, runs of 5 km.

This is a balanced, not capricious dog with an excellent character, a devoted friend of the whole family, always ready to rush to protect her. He enjoys playing with children and looks after them.

From the owner of the Boerboel is waiting for care and constant attention, which must first manifest itself in grueling training.

The breed is not characterized by excessive malice and unmotivated aggression. She has a stable, balanced character, loyal attitude to others.

With proper upbringing, conflicts with other domestic animals are virtually eliminated.

South African Boerboel is a person with bright individual characteristics. He is independent and independent. Dogs tend to dominate and an adult dog may need a problem-correcting behavior if the puppy was not properly raised.

Фото бурбуля
Photo: Boerboel

Boerboels are smart and have a good memory, they quickly learn. Thoughtful and a bit sluggish when perceiving teams, not performing them on unconscious automatism.

Frank sabotage when executing commands by an adult dog means that your credibility has been shaken, and serious mistakes in the process of education have been committed. For correct behavior correction, it is better to consult a cynologist.

Care and maintenance of Boerboel

This very robust dog easily adapts to the climate. Despite the fact that this is an African breed, it can adapt to almost any conditions.

In Africa, Boerboels live in the open air under natural conditions. In Russia, such dogs are mainly kept in urban apartments or country houses on the rights of a family member. They can live in the street, in the equipped insulated premises. However, free walking is required. By and large, Boerboel can live in the yard, only in severe frosts, being placed in a warm room. Pregnant and bitches with puppies are always assigned a separate protected place.

It is very important that there are no drafts at the dog's sleeping place. Must be not very hard litter.

Raising a puppy, there may be a need to limit his communication with strangers. The fact is that Boerboels are very sociable and can quickly get used to frequent guests, trusting them, as well as family members.

Южноафриканский бурбуль
Photo: Boerboel

The breed is designed to protect the family and protect property from infringements of strangers and wild animals. To perform these functions, the dog must move freely through the protected area.

The short and dense fur of the Boerboel is quite simple in care. It is enough to comb the dog a couple of times a week in order to remove the dead hair. Combing also massages the skin, which improves blood circulation.

It is also advisable for the animal to brush teeth regularly.


Thanks to natural selection, Africans are genetically very healthy. Veterinarians noted only two major health problems that can be attributed to this breed.

The first relates to all large dogs. This is a predisposition to dysplasia of the elbow and hip joint .

The second problem can be called vaginal hyperplasia in females of varying degrees of severity. This is a genetically determined disease transmitted in generations. Therefore, such animals must be excluded from breeding.


Price of the breed, cost, rubles Puppies of the South African Boerboel cost from 150 dollars for the culled kid without documents to 1700 dollars for the puppy from the parents-champions.

Photo of Boerboel


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