Dogs for an apartment - an overview of the recommended breeds and their description

Did you decide to have a dog in the apartment? How to choose a breed? Dogs for an apartment and a child : a list of breeds and recommendations for care.

Dogs for the apartment. Chinese Crested
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Dogs for an apartment - what kind of "neighbor" is suitable for city life?

A dog is a loyal friend, distinguished by loyalty and boundless love for the owners. Therefore, many people tend to have a four-legged pet to brighten up life for themselves and their loved ones. However, not all can boast of the availability of spacious apartments and the more so country cottages, where the dog will have a sufficient area for the sale of energy. However, this does not mean that living in modest square meters, will have to give up the dream of becoming the owner of a puppy. Just need to choose the right breed. This is what will be discussed later. (See also: Dog maintenance in a city apartment )

Собаки для квартиры

Criteria for choosing - what should I look for before I start a dog in an apartment?

There is a fairly large range of factors that should be considered when choosing a dog for an apartment. If you live in a small apartment, it is worth considering: will your pet comfortably live in a small space. In this case, it is recommended to abandon the selection of large breeds of dogs.

The nature of the pet also plays an important role. It is worth choosing breeds that have a temperamental temperament, will not be bored in solitude and will not bark at every occasion.

If the lion's share of the time you spend at work and the pet has no one to pay attention to, that it is necessary to give preference to independent animals that can occupy themselves in the absence of a person. Choose not too vigorous breeds, otherwise you risk discovering spoiled things on your return home.

Pets that require careful care are also not the best option for a person with a shortage of free time. Do not start a dog with a length of hair that needs regular combing and grooming. Otherwise, the fur coat will become tangled, and its appearance will lose its appeal.

If you have household members with your allergy in the circle of your family, then you should choose a hairless or hypoallergenic pet. With special responsibility for choosing a dog, it is necessary to approach those families that have small children. Babies can injure the animal during the game or on the contrary cause its aggression. Therefore, preference should be given to calm and balanced breeds.

Tips for choosing the breed

  • Size - the larger the size of the pet, the more space it needs for a normal life. Therefore, compact and medium breeds of dogs are suitable for urban apartments;
  • Activity - many breeds are hunting or sports, they have developed working qualities, they need active training and long walks. It is recommended to refuse such dogs in the conditions of apartment maintenance, and in particular at a lack of free time;
  • Safety - some large breeds can get along in apartments, but owners need to take care of the safety of others, paying special attention to the education and training of the pet.

Particularly important factor of choice is the size of the pet, so consider this point in more detail. A big dog is good at being a reliable guard at home. However, such a pet can not be put in bed to the owners, it has a sharp odor, and also needs large portions of meat.

Miniature breeds will perfectly fit into the expanses of a modest apartment, and at the same time they will feel comfortable. They do not smell, the basis of their diet is dry food, which pets consume extremely economically. The disadvantages of "glamorous" breeds is the lack of skills of guards, they themselves need care and require careful care.

Top 5: Dog Breeds for an Apartment

1. Funny Pug

Pug is a small companion dog, one of the oldest breeds in China. They have been faithful companions of the emperors for many centuries, they were kept in majestic palaces. Today, the "chambers" of the animal are more modest, but this does not prevent them from maintaining friendliness and cheerful disposition. Pets love attention, but remaining alone with themselves, do not get discouraged, but wait patiently for the return of the household.

породы собак для квартиры

Pug is great for urban life, a pet likes to spend time at home, in the evenings he will gladly make you a company watching a movie, sitting at the feet of the owner.

The main characteristics of the pet:

  • Abundantly sheds, care of the coat is required;
  • Sentry skills are not developed, is a bad guard;
  • Well coexists with children and other animals;
  • Physical activity is not high, non-long walks will fully satisfy the dog's "appetites" in terms of selling energy;
  • Qualitatively gives in to training ;
  • The average difficulty of caring for a dog, suitable for novice owners.

Pug has a pretty appearance, the body is square in shape, the head is covered with folds typical for Chinese breeds. The main colors of the breed are cream, black, silver and fawn. Pet refers to a number of funny and funny breeds. The dog is infinitely devoted to the family, quickly gets used to the rules of the house, adapts to the character and lifestyle of the owner.

The miniature size of the rock allows it to be kept even in the most modest flat. Dogs quickly find a common language with children, with pleasure participate in their games. They like to be in the center of attention, aggression and signs of cowardice are extremely rare traits that occur in the breed.

Pugs are creepy sweeties, ready to perform the most complex tricks for tasty encouragement. Additional motivation is the praise of the owner. To maintain the health of the pet will need daily walks, the total duration of which varies from half an hour to an hour. In extreme heat or frost, the duration should be reduced to 10 minutes.

Features of the content:

  1. Bathing - every 4-5 months;
  2. Wool - brushing out of natural bristles, use of wet cloth to clean the folds on the face after eating;
  3. Eyes - rubbing with a swab dipped in tea every morning;
  4. Claws - haircut once a month;
  5. Ears - weekly cleaning with a tampon moistened in boric alcohol;
  6. Parasites - monthly spray the skin of the dog with spray from ticks;
  7. Diet - recommended dry food, especially during the growth of the puppy, after the pet turns 8 months old, it can be translated into a home kitchen: chicken, lean meat, cereals, sea fish, apples, vegetables, offal, dairy products. A taboo for a pug's diet is chocolate, smoked products, pasta, river fish, oatmeal;
  8. Illnesses - pug owners may face obesity of the pet, gum disease, epilepsy, eye diseases.

2. Yorkshire Terrier - a furry miracle

A pretty breed, very similar to a plush toy. Despite the tiny size, the dog, like all terriers, is a hunter in the shower. Pet is an inquisitive, active, communicating with him will bring joy to the whole family. This dog can be started by people suffering from allergies, since the coat of the pet consists of hair, which is almost identical in structure to the human hair.

завести собаку в квартире

Main characteristics:

  • Molting is minimal;
  • Watchdog and hunting qualities are developed quite strongly;
  • Well coexists with children and other pets;
  • Active enough, physical activity is required, but not too intense, it is enough to entertain the dog with a game in the apartment;
  • Sufficiently painstaking care of the coat;
  • An ideal pet for training and training.

Yorkshire Terrier has a thick and long coat, has a square body, narrowed muzzle and expressive eyes. Puppies of the breed have a black color, which is shaded by 3-4 months typical for the breed palettes. The main color of the adult is brown-yellow and brown-honey.

Dogs for the apartment recognize only one master, although it will treat with trepidation to every household. He loves attention and begins to feel sad alone. The dog loves long walks, it is easy to train, tolerant to clothes for pets. Walking with the pet is more of an entertaining nature, the experts recommend to have a home toilet for the terrier.

The character of the terrier is very calm and complaisant, with it you can visit shops and restaurants, dogs easily tolerate travel and are ready to follow the owner literally to the edge of the earth.

The breed has hunting roots, which make themselves felt when meeting strangers. The dog treats strangers cautiously. In the street the animal is a big bully, when meeting with other individuals it starts barking first.

Features of care:

  1. Wool - daily combing with a metal comb, it is recommended to tie a bundle of hair on the head so that the fur coat does not prevent the dog from seeing;
  2. Bathing - as far as pollution, but not more than twice a month. At the same time, moisturizing balms and shampoos are used;
  3. A hairstyle - there is a model, hygienic and standard hairstyles;
  4. Claws - haircut once a month;
  5. Teeth - cleaning of the tartar once a week with a special brush and paste;
  6. Eyes - rubbing with a soft rag soaked in tea brewing;
  7. Parasites - monthly treatment of mites with special sprays;
  8. Ration - the use of exclusively prepared premium fodder, as the home ration is not able to provide the dog with the right proportions of vitamins and minerals;
  9. Diseases - dislocation of joints, liver diseases, inflammation of the pancreas, allergies, diseases of the mouth, hernia, cryptorchidism.

3. Chihuahua

The smallest breed of dogs that was bred in America. Written testimonies indicate that Christopher Columbus himself also met miniature animals, landing on the coast of Cuba. This dog for the apartment has a somewhat stretched body shape, pointed muzzle, widely spaced ears, a wide chest and fragile limbs.

Собаки для квартиры и ребенка: список пород

Main characteristics:

  • Insignificant care for the hair, moult passes almost imperceptibly;
  • The guard qualities are sufficiently developed, the pet voice when there are strangers;
  • Well coexists with other pets, but the content of chihuahua with children is a contentious issue. Games of the toddlers can injure the dog;
  • The animal needs minor physical exertion;
  • Good yielding to training;
  • Perfectly suited to the content in the apartment, adjusted to the rhythm of the life of the household.

Dogs for an apartment can have a very diverse color - there are both monophonic and mixed fur coats. Among the most common palettes are brown, white, cream, chocolate, silver, gray, apricot, red.

Chihuahua is an energetic, but graceful dog. The breed is strongly attached to only one household, remaining loyal to it until the end of days. Pets have an excellent response, they display boldness, seemingly uncharacteristic for them for such tiny sizes.

A distinctive feature of pets is their unique ability to feel the mood of a person. They fall on those places where the owner feels pain, relieve physical and emotional tension.

Despite the tiny size, pets behave quite boldly. They can run out into the yard without a shadow of fear, approach large dogs and even defend their territory. You can walk with a dog, because the pet is afraid of cold weather, it does not benefit the animal's health and intense heat. Therefore, for walking is often used special clothing, and the apartment has a place for a toilet Chihuahua.

Features of this dog's care for the apartment:

  1. Wool - combing out several times a month with a rubber mitten;
  2. Eyes - prevention of souring with the use of a moist tampon;
  3. Ears - weekly cleaning with a moist tampon;
  4. Claws - haircut once in 3-4 months;
  5. Bathing - several times a month, after the bathing procedures of the pet should be well dried;
  6. Teeth - brushing and a special paste for the prevention of gum disease;
  7. Ration - is allowed as the use of ready-made food, and home cooking. In the latter case, you should use such products: meat, offal, cereals, seasonal fruits, cottage cheese, eggs;
  8. Illnesses - a dropsy of the brain, non-admission of the ovary, skin diseases, retinal atrophy, joint dislocation, rheumatism, low blood sugar.

4. Affenpinscher

The name of the breed is translated as a monkey terrier, which fully corresponds to the nature and appearance of the pet. The dog is an exemplary pet among the dogs for the apartment due to its cleverness, good behavior and ability to adjust to the temperament of the owners.

The breed was bred in Germany, the ancestors of the dogs are pugs, silky and German pinscher. Behind the pretty appearance lies a hunting disposition and a readiness to protect the owner.

Main characteristics:

  • Molting is practically absent, the breed is among the hypoallergenic;
  • Well-developed protective qualities;
  • Excellent coexists with other animals and is a caring nanny for children;
  • Requires intensive physical activity;
  • The complexity of the content is average;
  • Training - easy to learn.

The dog has a harmonious build, with a square body, a small rounded head, hard hair, standing ears. Color breeds are very diverse: beige, black, with gray hair, red, blue. The pet has a cheerful, good-natured temper.

The breed is very independent and perfectly suited to those households who spend most of their time at work. The German adapts well to travel, is ready to accompany the owner on any business.

A distinctive feature of the breed is the love of jumping and mountaineering. Dogs often strive to climb the curtain, subdue the height of the cabinet. The dog is easy to train, but often distracted to what is happening around, so for proper education, patience is required.

Features of care:

  1. Wool - practically does not shed and does not require special care, it is enough to comb your pet several times a month with a metal comb;
  2. Bathing - every two weeks with a shampoo for hard wool;
  3. Eyes - leaving with a wet tampon several times a week;
  4. Teeth - cleaning is recommended several times a week with the help of animal pastes and brushes;
  5. Ears - cleaning with cotton buds;
  6. Claws - circumcision a couple of times in half a year;
  7. Walks - several times a day, after the street it is necessary to wash the paws and belly of the pet;
  8. Ration - recommended feed and vitamin supplementation;
  9. Diseases - diseases of the thyroid gland, joints dislocation, gum disease, heart diseases, allergies.

5. French Bulldog

An amazing dog with a sharp wit and a cheerful temperament. It refers to the number of medium breeds, and does not require much space. It is distinguished by strong health, it does not cause trouble in the content. The official birthplace of the pet is France, although there is undeniable evidence of breeding dogs in England.

Породы собак для квартиры

Main characteristics:

  • Molting - practically absent;
  • The complexity of the content is minimal, suitable for inexperienced hosts;
  • Sentry qualities are developed quite strongly;
  • Works well with other inmates of the house, gets along with children, protects babies and looks after them in the absence of adults;
  • Physical activity - moderate;
  • Training - the breed is located to training.

Bulldogs have a smooth and adhering coat, have a strong square body, a wide head and a convex forehead. There are different colors, but to the number of traditional include the following: spotty, fawn, cream, black, brindle, beige, black.

The French differ gentle and kind disposition. The dog adores all members of the family, the only owner among their number does not distinguish. She loves children and is happy to participate in their games. Pets are quite active, but in the absence of household members they behave quietly and calmly.

Dogs for the apartment are almost perfect. Animals perfectly feel the mood of the owner: if you are merry, the bulldog will spin around you, entertaining with tricks, if you are sad, the dog will lie down next to you, all expressing support. The Frenchman has developed watchdog qualities, he is alert to the guests and is ready to rush to defense at any second.

Bulldog likes to frolic on the street, so you should pay walks with the dog for at least half an hour a day. To other congeners can be hostile, so keep the pet on a leash.

Features of the content:

  1. Wool - does not require special care, it is enough to clean the fur coat with a massage brush once a month, which will not only increase the blood circulation in the tissues, but also affect the appearance of the coat;
  2. Bathing - no more often than once a month, after the procedure it is necessary to dry the dog with a hair dryer;
  3. Claws - monthly circumcision;
  4. Eyes - nitrous oxide is not formed;
  5. Muzzle - care of folds, after eating the "face" of the dog must be wiped with a napkin;
  6. Ears - cleansing of surplus sulfur once a week with a cotton swab;
  7. Food - happy to eat dry food and home-cooked meals. When choosing the latter, the following products should become the basis of the diet: boiled veal, chicken, beef, cereals, sea fish, cottage cheese, eggs. You can not give bulldogs bones, smoked products, beans, river fish, cabbage and flour products;
  8. Disease - the turn of the century, inflammation of the pads of the paws, urolithiasis, hypotrichosis, atopy.

Dogs for the apartment - from small to large

If you prefer large dog breeds for an apartment, the most acceptable options for "heroes" are the following:

  • Labrador;
  • Airedale;
  • boxer;
  • Doberman;
  • Rottweiler.

какую собаку в квартиру

Among the recommended inhabitants of medium sizes are such dogs for the apartment:

  1. Beagle;
  2. Boston terrier ;
  3. poodle;
  4. American Spaniel ;
  5. Chow-chow;
  6. Shar pei.

Small dogs for an apartment

If you are attracted to small dogs, we recommend that you pay attention to the following pets:



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