The ducks (Arabian greyhound) - refinement and grace of the breed

Slyuga is one of the oldest breeds of greyhound , which was bred in Morocco. Dogs possess the inherent grace and manners of an aristocrat. At the same time they are excellent hunters, valued for endurance and ability to pursue long distances. The ducks serve the master faithfully, but they have a rather capricious character. Suitable for equally independent owners. Today the breed is very rare.

Photo: Snows (sluggies, Arabian greyhound
Photo: Snows (sluggies, Arabian greyhound

Historical digression

Slyugi has been serving man for thousands of years. The first mention of the breed by the drawings on the rocks is dated 7 000 years BC. In Egypt, the breed appeared more than 3,000 years ago and was in high esteem. The scientists even discovered the mummies of the dogs, who were buried together with the owners.

Ancestors of the animals were animals that lived in the Far East. The breed was used to hunt rabbits, hyenas, jackals. An interesting feature of the dolt is that dogs are able to hunt, relying only on sight. They do not use the sense of smell to track down the victim.

Slyuga is not only a friend, but also a true breadwinner of families. In some houses of puppies, ducks were fed by women, if their mother could not take care of the offspring. According to one version, the first owners of dogs were the Egyptian Bedouins. They taught the dogs to injure the victim, but not to kill. So extracted game was kept longer under the scorching sun. The Bedouins took good care of their helpers and always rewarded them with giblets from caught prey.

The rich sheikhs also contained this breed and actively used it during the hunt. However, the sheikh kept the pet on a leash, while sitting on top of it. Often the snows hunted in tandem with the falcons.

The breed received its modern name in one of the cities of Tunisia. The official birthplace of the breed is Morocco, where to this day contains the largest number of dogs.

Integration into Europe occurred in the late 19th century. The breed, distinguished by its refined features, was often depicted on canvases. The most famous works with the participation of the dog were the works of Augustus Legros.

Because of the war with France, the breed's representatives were practically exterminated. Today, dwarfs are a great rarity and hardly found on the territory of Russia. The International Standard of Dogs was approved in 1980, and in 1988 it underwent minor changes.

Appearance and world standards

Slyuga has a very similar appearance with other Arabian greyhounds. However, the breed is distinguished by its high growth and impressive bone structure. At the same time the pet preserves elegance and refinement, each movement is smooth and graceful. The standard growth of the cable is 68 cm, females are characterized by more miniature sizes - 60 cm.

International Standard:

  • Head - an elongated form, somewhat pointed to the base. If you look at the skull of the dog from above, it looks like a triangle. Side of the muzzle fairly wide and flat, the nape is markedly rounded, the ocular hollows protrude, the nose bridge is almost invisible;
  • Mouth - has a rectangular shape;
  • Nose - black, tip has no bone, forms a slight bend;
  • Lips - very elastic, fit tightly to the jaw;
  • Eyes - large size, planted deep, the dog's look has a sad expression, the traditional color is amber;
  • Ears - hanging form, set high, medium size, have a slight rounding on the tips;
  • Neck - long, slightly arched at the top;
  • Body - short, almost horizontal back, croup canted, chest not wide, well developed in depth, ribs clamped to chest, flat;
  • Tail - very thin, located somewhat below the line of the back;
  • Front legs - paws oblique and elongated, forearm developed, wrists elastic;
  • Hind limbs muscular, paws long with well arched hock;
  • Movements - canter and step;
  • Skin - the breed is distinguished by the finest skin, without the formation of wrinkles;
  • Color - traditional are brown, sand, gray, black palettes.

Psychological portrait of Slyuga

For all its grace and refinement, the dog is distinguished by endurance and well developed hunting skills. Possesses an aristocratic character, extremely independent. The pet is very active, which should be taken into account when building a dog at home. Slyuga needs frequent and long walks, does not live well in apartments.

The pet is very devoted to the owner and quickly becomes attached to people. However, an aristocratic character does not allow an animal to show its love on a par with other dogs. The snows are extremely suspicious in nature. They do not fall signs of aggression, but they can attack quickly and swiftly. Like other greyhounds, animals cause a series of small bites, gradually getting close to the throat.

Pets can be extremely gentle and affectionate when they do not feel threatened. They are difficult to bear the loss of the master, and are not able to serve another person. An aristocratic breed appreciates its daily routine and can hardly tolerate any of its changes. Also, frequent moves with a dog that can cause severe stress are not recommended.

Slugs need peace and harmony at home. For all its independence, the breed needs a human company, so it is recommended to start such a dog only if you are willing to give it proper attention. Frequent loneliness makes the pet irritable and aggressive.

Animals do not tolerate frosts, because they have very thin skin, covered with a rare coat. They get along badly with other pets, claiming full attention from the owner. Slyugi can only love those fellow men with whom he grew up. The breed loves children and is able to become a full-fledged nanny for them. The ducks are good defenders and watchmen.

Pet has a developed mind, which is often accompanied by pride and independence. The ducks will not perform all the host's commands, but choose only those that they think are useful. Also, the breed does not accept strict measures of upbringing. Dogs require respect for themselves, as well as delicious incentives for performed tricks.

Greyhound dogs - breed list
Arabian Greyhound Dog (ducks)

Specific features of the content of the rock of the dolt

  • Physical activity - the pet needs regular walks, it will be an excellent companion for jogging. It is not recommended to keep the breed confined, it can lead to a number of diseases. Walk the pet should be on a leash, as it can abruptly break from the spot and pursue the "target" for several kilometers;
  • Care - ducks is one of the cleanest breeds. They rarely moult, do not smell, they lick themselves out like a cat. The only measure of care is a rare cleaning with a metal brush. To bathe the pet should only if necessary, it is recommended to remove the contamination with dry shampoo for dogs. Otherwise, you risk damaging the already dry skin of the animal;
  • Health - as a rule, dolt - a strong dog, not prone to viral or congenital diseases. Occasionally, there are cases of night blindness and hemophilia;
  • Food - the diet of the pet should for the most part consist of meat and dairy products. Favorite lap of an animal is lamb;
  • Cost - the average price of the puppy varies within the limits of 70 000 rubles.

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