How to bring a puppy Alabai and an adult dog?

Как воспитывать щенка алабая и взрослую собаку

Dog training can be shifted to the shoulders of the instructor, but in any case, the Alabai puppy should be engaged independently.

No one can properly raise a dog except the owner, because this process requires constant fixation in everyday situations. Every day, from the moment of purchase, you will bring up your puppy.

Как воспитывать щенка алабая и взрослую собаку We can not say that we will take a break in education for a week, and then we will continue. Parenting is not training, it must go on continuously until you see that you have brought up an educated dog. It is not easy to raise an alabai puppy, this process takes place in a different rhythm and mode than, for example, the rearing of labradors or poodles.

The character of the Alabai is complex, the physique is mighty, so it's better to immediately tune into certain difficulties. If you manage to avoid them, then this is wonderful, but you must be ready for them. Especially this applies to people unfamiliar with this breed. For a normal life with Alabama, you need not just make friends with him and find contact, but also become an unquestionable authority for the dog, leader and leader of the pack.

It is necessary to remember about other members of the family who should not be in the eyes of a dog in a subordinate position. Sometimes Alabai recognizes its owner as the leader, and he aspires to take the second step of the hierarchy. He does not listen to all the other members of the family and can even dictate to them his own rules of conduct, for example, not to allow access to the host's room, which, of course, is unacceptable.

How to start raising an Alabai puppy?

The small alabai looks like a teddy bear, it seems that while you can just play with it, and put up for the future. But only a couple of months will pass, and you will see how your dog has changed. Even at the age of 4-5 months, Alabai looks impressive, and if he is not brought up to this age, his character becomes domineering, and behavior is dominant and unpredictable.

Start training immediately from 1.5-2 months. Accustom puppy to the nickname, to the regime of feeding and walking. Do not leave the puppy for the whole day in the aviary without attention. But do not let him spend the whole day with you in the house, then it will be harder for him to get used to "free life". First, watch your dog, make a conclusion about what kind of mental activity she has.

This is necessary for the selection of methods of education. For example, melancholic dogs are the most difficult to be interested in obedience, and choleric persons, on the contrary, are too keenly interested in everyone and are constantly distracted. To get used to the name, call the dog in order to draw her attention to the positive moments: feeding, praise. Do not call the puppy by name, while punishing him.

The second important educational moment is the feeding regime. Around the feeding will be formed the rest of the regime - training, walks, games. Observing the precise mode of feeding, it is easier to accustom the dog to the toilet. Although Alabai is most often found in the private sector, it is advisable to teach him to go to the toilet in a designated place or tolerate it if you plan to walk with him at least twice a day.

Just need to accustom the puppy to the collar and leash. Choose an easy and tight fitting collar that alabai can not take off or chew. It is not recommended to keep Alabayev chains on the chain, the best place for them is a spacious aviary, but it is necessary to accustom them to the leash, otherwise it will be impossible to go outside the yard with an adult Alabai.

As soon as the puppy gets used to the collar, catch a leash to him and make small walks around the yard, not allowing the dog to chew leash or play with it. Alabai must learn that the leash is not a toy, but a means of controlling his behavior. It must be remembered that a puppy can not concentrate for too long.

Как воспитывать щенка алабая и взрослую собаку If you intend to spend a long, instructive conversation with him, then most likely he will just fall asleep from your monotonous voice. Dogs very well perceive intonational coloring of speech, they respond well to the call-up tone, so it is necessary to communicate with the puppy without long speeches, and give clear and short commands. Central Asian Shepherds are serious dogs, but this does not exclude elements of the game from their upbringing.

With a puppy, you need to periodically play, provide it with special toys for dogs. But you need to clearly delimit the time for the game and the time for training. In the process of raising a puppy immediately introduced the concept of prohibition. The puppy must clearly know what actions are taboo for him. Without the prohibitive team "Fu!" The process of education is difficult to imagine, but it should not be abused, otherwise the puppy will become too cautious.

Think in advance about what qualities you want to bring up in your Alabai. For some owners in the first place - the aggressiveness of the dog, which, multiplied by natural qualities, sometimes takes dangerous forms. Evil must be developed only against the background of perfect obedience and the ability to stop aggression at the command of the host.

For other owners it is important to develop the qualities of a companion dog, while others want to educate themselves a good helper in the pasture of farm animals. Of course, to bring up a tender and trustful sofa dog from Alabai will not work, and such a desire will not lead to anything good. For the success of the educational process, analyze the natural qualities of the dog, many of them are naturally evil, there are powerful dogs, there are, on the contrary, more timid.

Education Alabai should be aimed at balancing all the qualities, resulting in the formation of the correct behavior of the dog in society and the host family.


  1. Yesterday they took from the orphanage of the CAO male a year and a half, gives himself to pat on the head, tries to flirt close to approach I'm afraid because growls if I put a bucket of water or a bowl of food, litter does not let growl, but also does not attack openly how it is better to find contact with Dog please tell me you want to have a full contact, friendship


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