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Как воспитывать щенка алабая и взрослую собаку

How to bring a puppy Alabai and an adult dog?

Dog training can be shifted to the shoulders of the instructor, but in any case, the Alabai puppy should be engaged independently.

Инструкция по применению и отзывы на празицид суспензию для собак и щенков

Instructions for use and reviews on prazitsid suspension for dogs and puppies

Prasidic suspension is an anthelmintic preparation for dogs and puppies. Its active ingredients are pyrantel pomate and praziquantel. The drug affects all stages of development of banded and round helminths, which parasitize in dogs.

С какого возраста можно подкармливать щенков

From what age can you feed your puppies?

Beginning at the age of one month in the puppy's diet, the proportion of mother's milk gradually decreases. It should be replaced by other food. It gradually replaces mother's milk.

Как ухаживать и кормить щенную собаку и ее детенышей

How to care for and feed a puppy and its pups?

An exciting moment - your pet is about to give birth. This is the first birth and all members of the family are worried. Let's go through this period in stages.

Где купить заменитель сучьего молока

Where to buy a substitute of dried milk?

What must necessarily be contained in the substitute for bovine milk?
антигельминтные препараты для собак и щенков

What anthelmintic drugs are better for dogs and puppies?

There are many different anthelmintic drugs for dogs. They differ in the spectrum of action on certain parasites, as well as in the degree of danger to the animal at a certain age or state of health.

Как выбрать щенка и приучить к кличке

How to choose a puppy and accustom to the nickname?

Choosing a puppy - an event that is responsible and serious. It is not easy to approach the current question, since you are acquiring a friend, a new member of the family.

Почему умирают щенки

Why do puppies die?

For the first time faced with the death of absolutely healthy at first glance puppies, any person experiences a shock and begins to seek out the truth, accusing the happened of himself, the surrounding and even unknown intruders.

Почеу щенок много пьет воды

Why does the puppy drink a lot of water?

The puppy needs to constantly drink water and other liquids (milk, kefir, yogurt, liquid porridge). If he feeds on dry food, then he should always have free access to clean and fresh water.

Почему щенок не пьет воду

Why does the puppy not drink water and what should the owner do in this situation?

The dog's organism is more of water, therefore it is very important for it to maintain the water balance. The puppy should always have access to clean fresh water, whatever he eats.

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